6/27/12 Pace Per Mile Race Report

Coming up through the 4th of July we have several race options available. 

This weekend we have:
Las Vegas Women’s 10K, 5K, and 1 mi Walk: On June 30th starting at 7:00 AM this event is held at Bruce Trent Park. Costs for this race are: $38 for the 10k, $28 for the 5k and $18 for the 1 mile walk. This event benefits Las Vegas Animal Shelters and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. There are awards for top 3 in several age groups.

4th of July Events:
12th Annual 4th of July 5k Blast and 1 Mile Walk on Wed July 4th, hosted by Las Vegas Running Team. This event will start at 7:00 AM. Cost is $35 for the 5k and $15 for the 1 mile walk. Awards for overall winners and age groups.

Inaugural Road Runner 5k hosted by Desert Sky Adventures. This event will start at 7:00 PM with awards and prizes afterwards. Cost is $35 online and online registration closes July 2nd at 11:59 PM and $40 for registrations done at packet pick-up and race day.

Las Vegas Track Club 4 mile Notch Run on July 7th. This event starts at 8:00 AM and is 4 miles straight up the mountain! Great prizes are available as well as top finisher awards. The cost is $30 for members and $35 for non-members for online registrations. Online registration closes July 5th at 11:59 PM. Day of registration is $40 for all participants.

Happy Running!!

June 16-23 Pace Per Mile Report

Coming up the next couple weeks in Las Vegas racing are a few great events! First up, it’s time to dig out the ugliest tie you can find!

Las Vegas Track Club Pre-Father’s Day Ugly Tie Run: June 16th, Silver Bowl Park, Henderson, NV This event starts at 7:00 AM. Wear the ugliest tie you can find, there is a prize for most hideous tie!! This is a LVTC Low-Key event, cost is $3 for members and $5 for non-members.

Running With the Devil by Calico Racing: June 23rd, this event has something for everyone and a whole lot of heat! Held at Lake Mead/Mojave desert there is sure to be sun!! This event hosts several distances: a 50 Miler, Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k. ALL distances include a technical t-shirt and finisher medal. Age group awards and overall finisher awards. 50 Miler and Full Marathon participants will also receive an insulated water bottle. Costs are as follows:
50 miler: $185, after 6/21 $200
Full Marathon: $135, after 6/21 $150
Half Marathon: $80, after 6/21 $90
10k & 5k: $45, after 6/21 $50

Online registration ends 6/21/12. All expo registrations are CASH ONLY!!

Enjoy and happy running!!

My 37th Year!

I know… in looking at my pics, there is no way I am really turning 38. Must be the good genes since my mom definitely doesn’t look her age (thanks family!!).  Well, what a year this past one has been. It’s funny, I remember a conversation with my friend Jen… we were talking as we do often about how this year would be our year… but for some reason, this year WAS our year…
We’ll start with professionally:
 Just before my 37th birthday I started a new job, I absolutely LOVE this job. I have grown and learned so much, come so far, and have had such amazing experiences, in just one year. So much more on the horizon here.
I completed my studies at Virginia Tech and received my Masters in Health Education and Promotion. Go Hokies!!
I successfully passed the NCHEC exam for Certified Health Education Specialist.
Our team at work won two awards for our program.
Next Up: Personally:
This group of awesome accomplishments is probably my favorite right now!!
Saw 2 close friends get married and was able to visit Puerto Rico and Vail, CO to be in their weddings
I got engaged and married! YAY!!!! We had a wonderful private ceremony at the Justice of the Peace and then celebrated with family and friends a few months later. (Most importantly, my best friend since forever, who was instrumental in my husband and I’s meeting… defied my decision to have no one at my wedding and flew out here to witness the fact that I, the perpetual “never getting married girl” get married. I love her for this!)
I began the process of buying my first house. It’s a short sale, so, this will finish up in my 38th year.
Completed my second year as co-chair of Social Media for the Susan G. Komen of Southern NV Race for the Cure.
My Health/Fitness:
How in the heck do I top the whole getting married thing… really?! Well, these accomplishments are pretty awesome too!
I completed not just my first ever, but 3 half marathons within 70 days: Tinker Bell Half, Six Tunnels Half, and Rockin’ Rabbit Half. This qualified me to become a Half Fanatic #2166. (I have 4 more scheduled for the rest of 2012).
I completed a 5k in under 30 min, with a time of 28:54.
I was accepted as a guest blogger with the 13.1 Marathon Series.
I was accepted as a #FitFluential Ambassador.
I became a Pace Per Mile State Reporter.
Completed my first obstacle course 5k: The Devil Dash.
Started trail running.
Joined forces to plan a virtual event with good friend/runner Charlene.
Overall, I would say it has been one spectacular year for me. I would love to list the names of everyone individually who made this year as amazing and special as it has been, but, I do not have the room here. So, to my family, my dear friends, and my acquaintances…. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all of your love and support.
Here is to 38! I have many goals on tap for this year (who is surprised by this?):
Become a certified Run Coach
Become a certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach
Complete a half marathon in under 2 hours
Move in to my house
Taking a vacation (belated honeymoon) with my husband
Lose that stubborn last 15-20 lbs
Win an age group award in a race
Start a business/business venture to focus on run coaching and wellness
Remember everyone, to love completely, live extraordinarily, and smile. Life is what you make it, so make it great!!

Adventures in Fitness Classes: PiYo Strength

Recently I joined the gym again. Despite my efforts to work out at home, my couch continuously sucked me in, well, the couch and the chance to snuggle with the cutest dog ever!

So… knowing that in order to drop a few more pounds and get stronger I needed to include strength training, I joined a gym a friend of mine went to. I have an absolute fear of gym contracts after once getting screwed trying to cancel one. I had moved across the country, and they still fought me on canceling. So… I found a non-contract option, this made me happy. Long story short, I am now a member of 24 Hour Fitness in Las Vegas, NV. I get to go to any of their locations, so depending on where I am with work or home I can get to a gym. So far, I have enjoyed my experiences there, especially the ability to take even more yoga classes.
Last week my friend Kristin thought we should try this class PiYo Strength. I had never heard of it before, so, I was in. Unfortunately, that day it was switched to Power Yoga due to not having an instructor. Last night however, we finally got to experience PiYo Strength.
According to their website, PiYo Strength is:
Developed by Powder Blue Productions, Creators of Turbo Kick® and Hip Hop HUSTLE™, PiYo™ does all of that and more. This class is for those who color outside of the lines!
It’s the perfect fusion equaling strength building, rhythmic movement and power with a foundation in Pilates and yoga that burns calories while transforming the body.
It includes modifications so everyone can participate, yet offers progressions to challenge the more advanced, either way, you’ll get results.
I will agree, it is definitely a fusion of things. It confused my muscles from the traditional weights routines and running. It challenged my balance. (Seriously, years of yoga and I still can’t balance to save my life…) It also made me sweat. It kept us moving from the initial warm-ups, with a variety of yoga poses, squats and lunges, and other moves we have all done. It was different and fun. Of course, it always helps to have a friend with you as you torture yourself try a new exercise class.
We left the gym fully expecting to not be able to move today… I will be honest, my hips and legs were beat after that class. I was surprised I woke up not in pain. (I credit my other workouts and current love affair with the foam roller for this) And, at 7:30 this morning I got a text from Kristin that she was surprisingly not sore. We are dreading the day 2 soreness that may come tomorrow… but for now, I am happy.
Will I try this again… absolutely. We are set to go next Monday. As long as the routines change some so that I don’t get bored (my biggest fitness weakness is my ability to get bored quickly) I will keep this in my fitness routine. It’s a nice change of pace from the standard weight lifting. If you haven’t tried it and are able to find a class in your area, give it a shot! And definitely keep an open mind!

June 6, 2012 Pace Per Mile Report

Hello! This is the Pace Per Mile Report for Southern Nevada for the weekend of June 9-10, 2012.

This weekend brings races of varying lengths, a 5k, 6k, 2 miler and half marathon!!

Team in Training 5k/1mi: This event is held Saturday June 9th, starting at 7:00 am at Kellogg Zaher Park in Las Vegas. Proceeds benefit Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Onsite registration will be $5 more, online registration ends at midnight 6/7/12.
The distance options are:
5k Timed- $35
5k Untimed- $30
1 mile walk- $25

Las Vegas Track Club Low Key 6k and 2 miler: Also held on Saturday June 9th starting at 7:00 am at Bruce Trent Park in Las Vegas, LVTC will often hold low-key races for a chance to race on a smaller scale. All events are $5 for LVTC non-members and $3 for members payable at the event. The LVTC supports local youth running through donations to local youth racing/track teams, high school track teams and through scholarships for high school seniors. I will be at this event, with a group of friends wearing green and celebrating my birthday! Join us for a fun, low-key time!

Flight of Fire Half Marathon: On June 9th starting at 7:00 am Elemental Running and Training will hold the Flight of Fire Half Marathon at scenic Red Rock Canyon. The cost for this event is $75 and online registration closes at Midnight on 6/7/12. This event is also looking for volunteers, information for that is on their website.

Happy Running!!!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Well… I have been a blogging slacker. My deepest apologies!!

This is a quick blog to update you on how my week was last week… because, as always, it was eventful!!

First off, on Monday, the official announcement was made that I will be joining forces with Charlene R of Running with Charlene to work with FAB Running to host a Virtual Run!  I am beyond excited to work on this project. Charlene is an amazing inspiration, a strong runner, and great friend. To be able to host an event that people from all over can participate in is such a great feeling!!

Second… I am surviving speed workouts. Seriously, some days I am unsure I will, but, I do, and I feel stronger!!

Third… I joined the gym (again). Although I am building a home gym piece by piece, I will be honest, the couch has this weird ability to suck me in and not let me move… so, I am doing my workouts at the gym, and, last week, did 3 yep, 3 double workout days!

Fourth… as some of you know, I am planning on receiving my run coaching certification. This past weekend I offered to pace a friend for a race. She had been struggling with running, so I wanted to run this one with her, to help her defeat her negative brain and realize how strong she is… I had a wonderful time doing it, and, definitely feel that coaching is a good choice for me. Her blog on Run with K sums up that race pretty well! 

Up next… my fabulous and amazing 37th year!! On Friday, I turn 38. This past year has been AMAZING! One of the best personally, professionally and with my health, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!!