Update on Running for Tracy

As I catch up with blog posts, I thought it fitting to have my last post of 2012 be an update on the Running For Tracy story. Early this year I found out that an online friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. Something about her diagnosis and story really spoke to me. I(…)

And, I am back!

And, I am back!

Took a bit longer than expected, but wanted to do it right… I am officially self-hosted. I attempted to move over my subscribers, but please verify or resubscribe just to be safe and so that you don’t miss anything!! A HUGE thank you to my husband for his patience and assistance in helping me understand(…)


Hello! This is just a quick note to everyone that I am starting the switch this weekend to self-hosting. Sole Sister on the Run has had a great year, and it’s time to grow and expand! I have many great posts and reviews lined up and ready to go with the new launch. New Year(…)

My Holiday Decision

Holidays are an interesting time of year. Travel, family time, parties, tons of unhealthy foods… As someone who works in health education and strives to lead by example, I always find this time difficult. There are always tons of posts, sayings, etc. about ‘never regretting a workout’, making time for fitness, and so on. While(…)

Shower Pill

Shower Pill

I was recently given the opportunity to review the ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes. The company sent me a few wipes to try out and review.  My first time using them was on a busy Saturday. I went to spin class at 8:00 AM and afterwards had an appointment for haircut and color shortly after. If(…)

What’s in a number? What’s so special about 13?

Well… everything!! As promised… here are my 2013 RUN GOALS. All other goals will be listed in a separate blog. But my 2013 run plans are epic, and deserve their own blog. So what is all this talk about numbers and 13? Well…. 1. Next year is 20132. I turn 39 (shocker I know) which(…)

90 Day Contract Conclusion

Well…. it’s been an interesting last week or so of the 90 day contract. Thanksgiving was GREAT! My best friend and her family flew into town so I got to spend tons of time with them and their daughter tired out my dogs. I didn’t over eat that weekend, went for a run on Thursday(…)