Iron Girl Training Week 1

Iron Girl Training 7/20-7/27

Well… it wasn’t officially the start of Iron Girl training, but, I got a head start on it all. I must say, I loved week 1 of training! I cannot believe how much stronger I am feeling compared to last year. So… let’s get down to it. What did I accomplish and learn? Well, quite a lot

Saturday: 7/20: Completed a 7 mile trail run with friends. Not the fastest pace, it was super humid in the desert, but the cloud cover kept the sun from becoming an issue. While out there, I chatted with my friend about triathlons. She competes in them regularly, so had some great tips as far as practicing laps, starting early and light with brick workouts, outfits, etc. She is an invaluable resource!!  I tripped over a rock on this run about 4 miles in, scraped up my knee and shin/calf, but was able to finish. It looked worse than it felt. Every time I hit the trails, I love them more. It is such an amazing full body workout

Sunday: 7/21: Not much of anything… ran some errands and enjoyed the day.

Monday: 7/22: An iBodyFit strength workout for 1 hour, a nice combination of upper body and core. Every time I complete my workouts from them, I am AMAZED at my strength!

Tuesday: 7/23: My first time hopping in the pool to swim!! I was nervous, as I cannot remember the last time I swam laps, and know my form isn’t amazing, but, was excited to see where I was at with this training. I decided to swim for 30 minutes. I managed to complete 5 laps (250 meters) without taking a break. Overall, in 30 minutes I completed 15 laps for a total of 750 meters! Tuesdays will be my swim day so the next jump in the pool I will see how many laps I can do without stopping, then practice stroke. I didn’t have goggles for the swim, and that did not feel good in the eyes, so made sure to pick up some goggles!!

Wednesday: 7/24: My favorite SPIN CLASS!! I absolutely love the class (my friend I run with that runs tris, yeah, she teaches this class). Anyway, a great class with hills, sprints, etc. I love that she tries to create the class around how her street rides are. It’s helpful to create that scenario.

Thursday: 7/25: A short 3 mile run in the neighborhood to work on form and breathing. I did my normal 3 mile loop and overall, this was uneventful. A good run and working on my form and breathing was good. Also completed my second iBodyFit strength workout of the week: Bis, Tris and Core. Ow… but a good workout!

Friday: 7/26: My official REST DAY!! I had a great evening with my husband and dogs and even enjoyed some pizza!

Saturday: 7/27: Well, this was supposed to be a long run with my friend, but late Friday night we realized my one dog wasn’t walking right and was in pain. I canceled on the run (and moved it to Sunday) to get my dog to the vet first thing in the morning (he’s okay, slipped a disc in his back) and later in the evening did a short yoga routine to calm my anxiety and get some sleep.

Overall, a pretty solid week of training. I loved EVERY moment of it and look forward to week 2!!

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A Huge Accomplishment

So, awhile back I decided to finally suck it up and get serious about weight training. The last time I lost weight, I was doing a pretty steady weights routine. Then I got bored and stopped. I stuck mainly with running and was happy. Then I added spin class. Then, I stopped watching what I ate… and well, we know where that leads.

A little while ago I did a review of iBodyFit and fell in love with it. I also really loved Franklin’s approach. After the review, I went back to my status quo… go figure. Then, one day, I said, enough is enough and emailed him.

After talking with him I decided to sign up for the online personal training. We discussed my goals long term and set some great short term goals. Then, we got started. I won’t lie, I almost cried during the first workout… it was intense, but I refused to quit. (this may one day be my undoing). When I was approached about competing in the Iron Girl, he was a great voice of reason and willing to tweak (again) my training plan so that I could do it.

I absolutely love that he took all my already lofty goals and created a plan that worked with them without me overtraining. Every workout is different and challenging in it’s own way. I am slowly starting to see some biceps peek out and feeling stronger. Shh, don’t tell him, but I actually look forward to the workouts!!

Anyway… my accomplishment… one of my goals was to complete all scheduled workouts. As of TODAY I completed 30 days of not bailing on a workout! Progress!!

I am so happy I made this decision… stay tuned and watch as my awesome transformation takes place!!

*Although this is a review (of sorts) of, I was not compensated in any way for this review, just sharing my experiences with a service purchased.

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My Secret Is…

I’ve had a secret for about a week now… and man has it been killing me!! Okay, a few people knew, but I kept it off social media and the blog which was a feat in itself.

As you all know, I am running 13 half marathons this year. I have 6 done and #7 is July 13th. I have been training for this and working hard to complete this goal. I started working with a trainer at to help with my strength training as well. Through all of this, I was still searching for something that really sparked my interest. I love running, I conquer obstacle course races and enjoy cycling. Oddly, trying to improve my run times wasn’t a top priority. I am happy just running, for me, I do not need to run faster.


At just that moment, the answer showed up in my inbox. Iron Girl contacted me asking me to compete in the upcoming Iron Girl event at Lake Las Vegas and write about my experiences. My first reactions: WHAT?! I am not a triathlete; I’m in no shape to do this; it could be fun; what about my halfs?; I think I am crazy. So, I replied asking for time to think it over and discuss with my trainer. We have learned that I love to say yes and pile things on my plate, and go until I collapse. I am working on that behavior.

So… I discussed with my husband, my trainer, myself. A lot. Everyone (sometimes even myself) believes I can do this physically. Everything I have read says you don’t have to be great at all 3 events, so, we already know swimming is my weak spot to address. My trainer and I discussed how to merge Tri training with my current training and not lose my long runs. All the pieces were lining up and while this made me happy, it also made me nervous. Was this really going to happen? Was I going to agree to compete in a TRIATHLON?! When I mentioned to my husband I thought I was crazy, his response was “I’m not qualified to answer that”. Thanks, I think, for that vote of confidence.

And, on Tuesday… this happened:


You read that right. I am officially an Iron Girl in training! I will be completing the Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon October 26, 2013 at Lake Las Vegas. WHAT?!?!?! I won’t lie. Hitting the REGISTER button caused a slight panic attack, more of a panic attack than registering for my first half marathon. My mind is thinking of anything and everything I might need to do, what I will need, etc. I need to remember to take a deep breath and take it one day at a time. ONE DAY AT A TIME.


I will be blogging my journey to my first Tri, my training, my thoughts, fears and excitement. I will set up a tab to post all of those stories so it is easier to follow the Tri Journey.

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Well, there you have it! My big secret is out and I AM EXCITED (and a little terrified)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you done a Tri? Any advice for this newbie?

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