Iron Girl August Recap

I must apologize for being quiet in the Iron Girl training reports through August. Have no fear… the training has been going down!

First, with the help of Franklin at iBodyFit, I have been working on building my strength. He gives me great workouts that are never the same and work my body. I haven’t felt so many sore muscles in forever. It feels great!! We are really focusing on my core and upper body and it shows. Muscles are getting defined and the weight and body fat are dropping.

I’ve added swim/bike brick workouts once a week and bike/run brick workouts as well. I will be adding in another biking day, finally getting a bike to train outdoors on and will be attending an open water swim workout on the 15th!!

I have been a busy bee getting myself in Iron Girl shape and getting excited for this event!!

But… before I become an official triathlete, I will be completing 2, yes 2 half marathons between now and then along with a rowing event.

A huge success for me: I was able to swim 500 meters non-stop in the pool. I know I will not excel at the swimming portion, but am feeling better and better about it as the weeks go on.

I also just completed my first trail half marathon… that report will be coming tomorrow. A true challenge and a humbling experience, but I loved it.

I also met to fellow Iron Girls this weekend which was exciting. I am actually meeting them for the open water swim, did I mention the swim is 2 hours before I need to be at the airport? Nothing says crazy dedicated like heading for a swim, changing in a casino bathroom and heading to the airport for a business trip.

This next week will be a bit more low-key on the training, but, staying focused!!

I am an Iron Girl!! You can be too! Info on how to join me, or find a race near you HERE!


Spartan Race Giveaway

Based on the huge response I received on the last Spartan Race giveaway, I’d say I have quite a few followers that love the challenge of obstacle course racing. I have good news!! Spartan Races is partnering with NBC Sports Network to feature the OCR World Championship in Vermont September 21-22, 2013.

There will be cash prizes and thousands and thousands of runners in Vermont that weekend to take on the challenge of Spartan Races. The best part… the TV special is the stories of the participants, the people behind the races.

There is still time to register for the Vermont events and be a part of the amazing weekend, meet other OCR junkies and witness the World Championship. Are you ready??

As an added bonus… I have another race entry giveaway and a discount code, just click HERE for 15% your race fee.

Good luck!! Go forth and conquer!!

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