Dear October

First, I must apologize to all of you for going MIA lately. I am not going to reveal all the reasons why, it is still personal issues I am dealing with personally. 2013 has been a tough year to date. I am getting stronger and more focused day by day. Know that I have missed(…)

San Francisco Half Marathon Race Recap

San Francisco Half Marathon Race Recap

Last year I ran The Wipro SF Marathon 2nd Half Marathon course. The main reason I chose that course, it didn’t run across the Golden Gate Bridge like the 1st Half Marathon course did. I loved the course and the challenge of running those hills. Then, I learned about their Half It All Challenge. Participants(…)

I’m Still Alive

February started off with a bang for me, I traveled to Huntington Beach, CA with a friend for the Surf City Half Marathon, had a wonderful weekend and a great race. The week following that was spent catching up at work for the most part. Mid-week, I received some upsetting news, and my whole week(…)

Hey Running Mojo, where’d ya go?!

Well, I am sure you have all figured it out, as I have gotten a little quiet on here and twitter. Recently, I feel as if I lost my running mojo. I still love running, just struggle to get myself out there to do it. I still make speed workouts every week, but, in general,(…)