San Francisco Half Marathon Race Recap

Last year I ran The Wipro SF Marathon 2nd Half Marathon course. The main reason I chose that course, it didn’t run across the Golden Gate Bridge like the 1st Half Marathon course did. I loved the course and the challenge of running those hills. Then, I learned about their Half It All Challenge.


2012 SF Finish at 2nd Half

Participants who completed the two courses in back to back years were eligible for an additional medal for completing that challenge. To most, especially those that love to collect the bling, this could be an easy decision. Not so much for me. For as long as I can remember I have had a fear of bridges. I hate driving over them, won’t walk on them… for the most part, this fear doesn’t interfere with my life.

However, the intrigue of this medal got me thinking. Plus, this was my year to run 13 half marathons, why not conquer a fear along the way. It appears, the pieces from there, just fell in to place.

I was also recently placed on a campaign through FitFluential with Under Armour, the #WhatsBeautiful campaign. This campaign was helping to redefine the female athlete. To set challenges for yourself and conquer them… redefining yourself.

This past weekend I traveled to San Francisco and had a great time with my brother and his girlfriend. We went to an oyster bay to celebrate her birthday and picnic all day… a really great time. Sunday morning he and I got up early for the race. I had signed up long ago for the 1st Half Marathon course and although terrified, I was determined to run across that bridge and conquer a fear.


View at the Oyster Bay!

I initially set a time goal and discussed it with my brother, since he was running with me. Sunday morning, I changed it a bit and decided to just run as much as I could since I normally do a run/walk interval, including the hills of SF.

Overall, I kept a steady pace throughout the race. I walked briefly after climbing the hill to the bridge, partly to prep myself mentally for the bridge… then, we tackled the bridge. My brother made sure I was okay mentally, and tried to keep me focused on a conversation about football so I wouldn’t panic. Once we crossed the bridge, I walked the short turn around loop, and ran back across the bridge. As we were coming off the bridge, I even glanced back and over the bridge. I held a good pace on the hills, and made up time on the downhill portions. I held strong, but at mile 12, was tired. I felt it, but kept pushing, this was where I took some walk breaks, but never for long, determined to run as much as I could. All in all, I walked less than half a mile. My average pace was around 11:44. With running 12.6 of the 13.1 miles, running almost all the hills, and dealing with my anxiety on that bridge, I am happy with this time. Did I hit my dream goal, no, but perhaps SF was not the course for that PR.


Post 2013 SF 1st Half, with all my bling!

What I did do was: conquer a fear, run almost an entire half marathon, ran with my brother by my side. To me, the best race of my year. The emotions I felt crossing that finish line are indescribable. As we crossed the finish line, my brother gave me a hug and told me he was proud of me. When I started to doubt my efforts or criticize my run, he quickly pointed out all that I did do, reassured me I ran strong and steady.


2012 Finisher medal, 2013 Finisher medal and Half It All Challenge medal!


2012 and 2013 finisher medals and other side of Half It All Challenge medal

I wrapped up my weekend with a great brunch with him that afternoon before I headed back to Vegas. What a wonderful weekend!!


Post race michelada!!


View of the city!