Choice Teas Product Review

I was recently given the opportunity by Choice Organic Teas to try and review some of their teas. I enjoy a good cup of tea in the afternoon and herbal teas to relax in the evenings. I graciously accepted this opportunity and soon received my teas. I was quite surprised when the package arrived and it was 6 boxes of tea to try!


Since it was well after my time to have caffeine for the day, I dove right into the Rooibos Herbal Chai Tea. Wow, is all I can say! Such a smooth, spicy taste. Over the next few weeks, I tried them all. I definitely have my favorites: Rooibos Chai and the Genmaicha, but none that I didn’t like. They are all delicious, but those two are my standouts. The Genmaicha is a green tea with brown rice. I was a little nervous to try this one, tea with brown rice? I was pleasantly surprised, and quickly addicted. It’s got a smooth green tea flavor with a hint of nuttiness. (I’m drinking a cup as I type this!)


The others I tried were Premium Korean Green Tea, Decaf Green Tea, Masala Chai, and Wild Forest Black Tea. The Korean Green Tea was by far, the best green tea I have had. Not one of the teas had a bitter or stale taste to them. All were quite smooth and packed full of flavor. I cannot wait to get my hands on and try the Cranberry Hibiscus Loose Leaf Tea and English Breakfast Whole Leaf Tea!! Oh yeah… that’s the other thing. They have such a variety… bagged tea, whole leaf, loose leaf… even bulk boxes. Whatever you desire… you can find it there! If you can’t find the flavor you want at the grocery store, check their website… they offer great prices and deals!

What I like about their teas: they are kosher, organic, fair trade and non-GMO. Teas that taste delicious and make you feel great about drinking them. If you are a tea drinker, I would definitely suggest checking these teas out. Their teas continue to win awards, check their awards out here. They deliver a sophisticated and bold flavor. Thank you Choice Teas for such great teas and such a great opportunity!!

*Although I received this product for this review, the opinions are mine and not influenced by Choice Organic Teas.