If I Die, Please Bring Cheesecake to My Funeral: Book Review

A fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Donloree Hoffman wrote an e-book chronicling her misadventures in fitness. As a person who can trip standing still, I was intrigued to read this book and well, not feel alone in the clumsy world. The book is made up of short stories of different memorable experiences in being physically active and overcoming the challenges of being “clumsy”. Here is the interview I did with Donloree Hoffman:

Q: Were you always physically active/fit or did this all start in adulthood?

A: I grew up reading books and baking yummy treats. At the age of 15 I could be found in my mom’s kitchen after school baking things like soufflés and cheesecake.

At the age of 19, I went to the doctor and was humiliated to find I was in Obese Class 1 and pre-diabetic. Even this news wasn’t enough to make me change my ways. ­­I felt like my health was too far-gone; what was the point in changing?

That same summer I wanted to work at a camp with junior high kids, except there was one problem. I couldn’t run across a football field without nearly collapsing and turning purple. The realization that I couldn’t play with the kids and be part of their lives in the way I wanted at camp was eye opening.

I realized my body was getting in the way of the life I wanted to live.

Looking down the road I was currently traveling, I only saw destinations like wheelchairs, oxygen masks, and sickness. These were places I did not want to go, not in the least.

I found a pair of runners at a garage sale that were my size, paid the $5 as listed on the orange sticker, and started on a new path.

Q: Does the “clumsy” seep into your life in all aspects, or just when being physically active? I can trip standing still…. but run a half marathon and not fall. Just wondering if the clumsy gene is picky as to when it shows itself.

A: I am a klutz. I can’t even begin to recount the times I have been sitting at a boardroom table and missed my mouth while drinking water, fallen over a crack in the sidewalk, or dropped something. I have learned to just laugh when it happens.

Q: Despite the mishaps and injuries, you seem to get back up and try again, or try something new. What motivates you to keep trying and not just hide in a safe room?

A: If I hide away in a safe room, I don’t get to achieve my dreams. The road to success is paved with failure and every time I fail, I am one step closer to achieving what I want. Failing doesn’t matter; getting up does.

Q: What has been your favorite adventure (failed or successful) and why?

A: Completing a triathlon was one of my big, hairy, audacious goals. Despite the long lasting and embarrassing ramifications of that adventure, I am very proud of myself. I still have the shirt from the event and whenever I wear it I remind myself that I am a superstar who loves ‘BOB’!

Q: Any suggestions for our readers afraid to try something new because of a fear they may fail or get hurt?

A: Fear is a normal response to the unknown. In order for something to be known, you have to move through the fear. Do your research and make sure you’re training smart, but if you’re going to be afraid why not get what you want?

And here’s the secret – you’re going to fail in life. It’s a fact. So, why not fail on the path to achieving your dreams? Choose where you want to fail so when you get up and dust yourself off, you’re right where you want to be.

Do it afraid!

Check out Donloree’s book here! Donloree, thank you for letting me read this and tell others about it!!

*Although Donloree allowed me to view her book free of charge, the opinions of the book are my own and not influenced by Donloree Hoffman.