Iron Girl Training Week 2

Another successful week!

Sunday: July 28: I was supposed to head out for a long run Saturday, but thanks to my dog, postponed it a day. I started out later than I wanted, waiting for the hubby to get up and sit with Brinx. So, by the time I headed out, and being totally exhausted, I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been and it was later. The temps weren’t bad but it was humid, and I was in direct sun most of the run. By mile 3.5 I was not feeling well, nauseous and my skin felt tingly. I slowed down, drank some water, but at mile 4, wasn’t feeling better. I turned early to head home and ended the run at mile 4.5. I felt off a good part of the day, so I know I made the right decision.

Monday: July 29: Monday is consistently iBodyFit day, and again, they delivered with an intense workout for New Legs. Lots and lots of side lunges.

Tuesday: July 30: Another swim day!! This week wasn’t as easy, but I still got 15 laps (750 meters) in. Then, I spent about 5 minutes working on my kicks. I am still not comfortable keeping my face in the water, so I need to really focus on this next week versus a certain number of laps.

Wednesday: July 31: This was my most exciting day!! I did a mini-brick workout. My first one! I won’t lie, I was nervous heading in to it, and unsure it would go well. I started with a 1 hour spin class and afterwards, changed into my running sneakers and hit the treadmill. I decided ahead of time to only run for 15 minutes at a slower pace, just to see how my legs felt running after a bike ride. I was able to run 1.5 miles! For the first couple of minutes my legs felt heavy, but overall, they felt great, I could have kept going. I was on a high from this workout the rest of the week!!

Thursday: August 1: Typically, Thursdays are iBodyFit and run days. Early in the afternoon, the winds really picked up, and with all of my eye issues, I am very nervous running in high winds. So, I got my upper body and core workout in and relaxed. Rescheduled the run to Friday!

Friday: August 2: Had a wonderful 4 mile run. I mean wonderful. The entire run felt great, the weather was perfect, my body felt great, my breathing was great, a truly great run.

Saturday: August 3: REST DAY!

Sunday: August 4: Long run day! Another perfect weather day, I headed out for 8 miles. I was much more prepared and the first 4 miles were uphill, but overall, a great run for me. Which then set the tone for a really great day; I went to brunch with my husband, ran a couple errands, than relaxed at home with the dogs and watched football.

Another awesome week of training. I am still amazed at how strong I am becoming and what my body is capable of doing. I love how it surprises me every week. Next up: getting a swim cap… the pool water is not kind to the hair. I thankfully picked up goggles and that made a huge difference.