My Awesome Wednesday

Wednesday started out as a normal day, actually, a little early so I could pick up my coworker down from Reno for a day of research interviews to be followed by a Komen Race meeting. Then, I checked my email which started the great day.


I received an email from Laura at Girls Gone Sporty that my photos I submitted for an article on for yoga and cardiac health were used!! Check out my photos and the great article on how yoga helps your heart here.

Then, that morning, an interview I did with my friend Kristin on the Dirty Girl Mud Run was on the local news! We will be running the event this Saturday in Las Vegas. Check back for photos and a recap of the event!!

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

So it wasn’t even lunch time and two great moments of me with the media. So, had a great day at work, a great meeting (I didn’t mess up my speech) and came home to relax for a bit before bed. I was perusing Facebook and saw that I made the cut to have my name on the newest shirt for The Marathon Show (my name will be on the back near the bottom).

So thank you universe for a wonderful and awesome Wednesday!!