Sony MP3 Walkman Review

I enjoy listening to music while I run. I do not enjoy wires, etc that come with having music. I was contacted by Race with Meb to try out the Sony Walkman headset. I was intrigued by the concept. A wraparound head piece, that charged to your computer and held 2 GB of music. No wires, additional armbands or whatever… this has potential to be great!

I received the walkman and it was super easy to set up, even on my MAC. I plugged it in, did the old drop and drag to add music and let it charge up. I was excited to try this out. Since it wasn’t a run day, I took it along for the dog walks. It was great, and with less wires and things to have, made concentrating on the dogs and walking them much easier. Overall it stayed in place and the sound quality was good.




I took it out next on a short run. It was a windier day, and when running, the earpieces kept falling out. I felt like I spent more time readjusting the set than I did paying attention to my run. Not fun. But, maybe it was the high winds… I would try it again.

Then, came time to do some traveling!! I thought… let’s try this out. It will keep me from draining my phone battery while traveling cross-country and still provide me with something to drown out travel noises, and music! This was a LIFESAVER on the plane. It lasted the whole 4 ½ hours, obviously stayed put, and provided me with entertainment and my phone had plenty of juice for after I landed without needing to rush to a charger. Perfect.

I tried it on a few other runs, and unfortunately had the same experiences, where the earpieces wouldn’t stay in, causing me to become distracted and frustrated on the runs. I tried both of the sizes of the earpieces they give you with the walkman, and neither did the trick.

So, while I struggled with this while running, it is a great way to have music (or audio books) while walking, doing other exercises or traveling, providing a great alternative to tunes on your phone!


I also liked that the controls were accessible right on the earpiece. This is a sturdy, well manufactured piece of equipment… and man, have walkmans come a loooong way!! Let me know if you have one and how you are using your walkman!

*Although I received this product for this review, the opinions are mine and not influenced by Sony Walkman.