Iron Girl August Recap

I must apologize for being quiet in the Iron Girl training reports through August. Have no fear… the training has been going down! First, with the help of Franklin at iBodyFit, I have been working on building my strength. He gives me great workouts that are never the same and work my body. I haven’t(…)

Iron Girl Training Week 1

Iron Girl Training 7/20-7/27 Well… it wasn’t officially the start of Iron Girl training, but, I got a head start on it all. I must say, I loved week 1 of training! I cannot believe how much stronger I am feeling compared to last year. So… let’s get down to it. What did I accomplish(…)

My Secret Is…

My Secret Is…

I’ve had a secret for about a week now… and man has it been killing me!! Okay, a few people knew, but I kept it off social media and the blog which was a feat in itself. As you all know, I am running 13 half marathons this year. I have 6 done and #7(…)