90 Day Contract Conclusion

Well…. it’s been an interesting last week or so of the 90 day contract. Thanksgiving was GREAT! My best friend and her family flew into town so I got to spend tons of time with them and their daughter tired out my dogs. I didn’t over eat that weekend, went for a run on Thursday and spin class on Saturday. A good week post half marathon.

Then, I woke up Monday with a sore throat. By the end of the day, my whole body hurt and I had a horrible cough. After heading to the doctor, turned out I had an upper respiratory infection. This is still lingering in my chest, which has kept me on the sidelines with exercise. To make it better, an ongoing eye issue flared up Thursday, and after an emergency eye doctor appt, we may have some answers, but, have medication drops for that, and I have to be careful not to get something in my eye (keeping me indoors for the weekend). So… after a great Thanksgiving weekend… a very blah and uneventful week.

That said… overall, the 90 day contract went very well. The past three months when things got hectic I was able to stay on track and focused. 80% of the time I kept my eating in check. I exercised regularly and fell in love with spin classes. My weight has maintained but my body fat percentage has gone down. Outside of fitness and eating goals, I have been reading more, spending time with my husband and enjoying down time. I have set some lofty but exciting goals for 2013 (that post coming tomorrow). I have entered into December focused, determined, and despite the respiratory infection and eye issues, healthy.

Goals I didn’t meet: smoothie a day. Honestly, I thought about them, but have been hesitant throwing a bunch of things in a blender and drinking. I am eating lots of vegetables every day, so I guess I feel that they aren’t essential to my health.

Thanks to everyone for the support and keeping me on point the past 90 days. No hardcore goals for December, just to maintain exercise, enjoy the Hoover Dam half marathon, and most importantly, enjoy time with family and friends for the holidays!