A Big Day!

Yesterday I joined Charlene and her great sons as a volunteer at the Red Rock full and half marathon.  What a fabulous time it was!!  We had signs (thanks Charlene for making them), cow bells, party horns, music (for a little while), but most importantly water and HEED.  We were stationed 0.8 miles from the finish and got to cheer on all the runners for their final stretch!  We saw some amazing and strong runners!!!  I am so proud of each and everyone for conquering that course!!  WAY TO GO!

My car also had a monumental day.  We wanted to play music… so, we did, with my car, which finally killed the close to death battery.  (thank you again to Charlene and random stranger that lent his jumper cables).  It hit 100,000 miles on the way to Red Rock Canyon (so long warranty)… and, as a present after the volunteering, I got my baby new tires and a new battery!!  She’s like a whole new ride!  🙂

Enjoy your Sunday!  I am off for a long run, then some chill time with the furkids!

~Run, Live, Laugh, Love