A Letter to My Body

Over the weekend I had some time to reflect on my life and realized that over the years I was not kind to my body, and, after all that, it was still willing to work with me on the goal to become a runner… I felt it needed a letter of apology/thanks…

Dear body, 
Hi there! I figured I would write to you and check-in with you after the last year and a half.  First of all, I would like to apologize about the many years prior where I didn’t respect you nor did I demand others respect you.  I truly am sorry for the abuse you were put through. I could list it all, but I am sure you have not forgotten the no sleep, the partying, the poor diet, the cigarettes…. you remember it all.  
I am also sorry I never paid attention to your warning signs: high cholesterol, trouble breathing, weight gain, lethargy, acne, dull skin. You tried time and time again to get me to pay attention to you and instead, I blew you off.  You, the one thing that keeps this mind safe and able to progress, what was I thinking?
I also would like to thank you for not giving me a total freak out moment to get me to see the light.  I thank you for tolerating my half-@ssed attempts at taking care of you over the years, the sudden let’s eat healthy moments, the random 1 month obsessions with a gym or workout. You deserved a more sincere attempt, and I am sorry I gave you lame.
I don’t know when it happened, or what signal you sent my brain, but, it did happen, I realized you deserved better, and I needed to give you the respect and care you rightfully deserved.  Thank you for allowing me to make up for my errors and not completely shutting down on me when I did a 180 on our lifestyle.  Really, I appreciate that.
I also appreciate that you are working with me in our journey to become a strong runner. I know we aren’t going to be winning Olympics, but, it feels good to be out there several days a week. Thank you for saving some strength and will to work with me on this.
I know some days it may seem like I am still beating you up, but trust me on this, the running, the working out, the healthy foods…. they are a great thing for us! I promise you that I will never misuse you again, that I will treat you with the respect you deserve and moving forward, continue to heal you, nurture you, and mold you into the pillar of strength I know you are. 
So again body, I am sorry for all my wrongdoings and I thank you, from the bottom of our heart, for allowing me the chance now, when we are almost 38, to make it right.
Now, let’s go run a few miles and do some strength training! There are PRs to obtain and a leaner, stronger body for you!
I love you more than you know,