Anniversary Weekend

As a change of pace, I’ve decided to share a personal story for all of you that has nothing to do with exercise or being healthy.
As many of my followers know, November 5th marked my one year wedding anniversary. This is big in so many ways for my husband and I. We were both set against marriage, willing to spend our lives together, but not interested in marriage. Definitely not interested in a big to-do wedding. Yes,I am aware that as a female, I am in the minority here.  Despite that, on Nov 5, 2011, he and I said I Do in front of his parents and my best friend and her husband in a small, private ceremony at the Justice of the Peace and celebrated with friends after. We also held a reception in our home town area for all of our family and friends back there.
our wedding day
So, as our one year anniversary fast approached, of course my life was crazy. I honestly love that I have a husband who doesn’t commit to a million things like me, works from home and works on the house. He balances out my crazy. Believe me. Anyway, it was a great year, we bought a house, which has consumed what free time I have. Well, with school, work, work travel… I asked him if he would like to plan our anniversary celebration. He jumped right in. He proved to me on engagement night he has a romantic side…
So, first he planned for the whole weekend, since I had a 4 day weekend. Then, he realized I have a busy schedule: hair appointment Saturday, race on Sunday, so he graciously worked with my schedule. Have I mentioned I love him for this? 
Well, Friday night we picked up our new floor tile, grabbed some dinner, and relaxed. I went to spin class Saturday morning, then got my hair done, then we grabbed more tile. I know, the excitement! So… that night we had a candlelight dinner and tried squid ink pasta, then, had cupcakes! We got cupcakes from a local bakery, The Cupcakery as our wedding cake, so our anniversary tradition will be cupcakes from them. 

This is a BAD idea… free cupcakes the more I buy??
Sunday I ran the Veteran’s Day 11k, came home, finished packing, packed up the dogs, and away we went. We dropped the dogs at the vet’s for boarding and he surprised me with a stay-cation. He chose the M Resort and Casino because it was off strip and quiet… perfect for a getaway. Our room and mountain view was AMAZING! Oh… but first I cooked him breakfast:

We had some drinks, watched football, then went to dinner at Marinelli’s, where we ate our wedding day dinner. I forgot to take pics there, the food was delicious and I inhaled it! Even the ricotta cheesecake. Then, we didn’t win anything gambling, hung out and relaxed. Perfect. 

Had to use your room key for power, that was cool!
view from the tub!

getting ready for dinner

isn’t he handsome?
The next morning we checked out and headed to Bouchon for brunch. Again, no food pics, but here is one of us after a delicious meal. I wanted the French toast, but they ran out, so instead I got the waffles and they were amazing!! Definitely eat here!!
Then, we headed back into reality, slowly… but, grabbed the pups to bring them home. Here is a pic of them super excited to be with us again (actually, Mia looks mad that we left her, but she forgave us quickly)!
So… that was my romantic 4 day weekend at home and stay-cation. Honestly, It was so nice to escape for a little while and relax with my husband. He did a great job with his planning. Here is to our lifetime together!