Color Fun and Long Run

Good evening everyone!  I am wrapping up another amazing and active weekend, and wishing I had just one more day….

On Saturday, I participated in the First Annual Color Run Las Vegas:  If there is one near you, do this!!!  Anyway, a friend of mine who is starting to become physically active wanted to do this, but to walk, not run.  So, her, myself, and two other friends chose to walk the Color Run.  Along the way, we ran into many other friends.  BTW, this run is a fun run, no timing, just coloring fun.  Everyone that registers gets a pack of color (I heard it was colored corn starch) to use at the finish line party.  Once you start, every kilometer you are hit with a different colored powder by race workers.  It was SO fun!  Race attire of a white shirt is “required”.  We started out like this:

and ended looking like this:

The best part, in Las Vegas, we didn’t even stand out, lol.  It was a really good time with friends, and the atmosphere was amazing.  The Color Run locally supported Three Square, the food bank. 

After this adventure, we grabbed some grub and then headed home to shower.  Overall the color came out easily, where you sweat it kinda stained, as evidenced by my purple toes.  I later met up with K&K two of the girls in the photo for pedicures and sushi.  The look the guy at the nail place gave me when he saw my purple feet was priceless… I just shrugged, too hard to explain.  Thankfully, K&K had purple feet too. 

At sushi, I decided to be brave and try two new things.  Oyster shooter and Uni.  Yum on both, although the oyster shooter was a bit spicy.  The texture of the uni is something to get used to though…

Another running friend and a friend’s son participated in the Las Vegas Track Club’s Sole Purpose 2miler (they also held a 10k).  The track club was taking sneaker donations as well, since I couldn’t make it, I made sure they got my bag of old sneakers!  Glad they could go to a good cause vs the trash. 

Which, brings us to today… I was going to meet CR again for a 10 miler, her plan was to run 5 walk 1 run 4.  I was willing to try, because this gal is motivating, and when I run with her, I just seem to keep pushing myself and mental walls crumble (I believe her that it’s me doing the work, but her company is helpful).  It helped that she was planning on heading out at 11, so I didn’t have to get up early.  Then, came the text in the AM that she twisted her ankle the night before in what I will call a classic Clutzy Ange move…. I can totally relate CR.  So, she wasn’t running.  All morning I was pretty ADD, I would start one thing, then something else would catch my attention, it was not pretty.  Seriously, at like 10ish I ran upstairs to change to go running and thought hmm, I should finish cleaning out the clothes that no longer fit so I can donate them.  See what I mean, TOTALLY ADD.  Somehow I got ready, prepped my water bottle, had my cliff shot, and headed out the door.  I decided to aim for 8 today, as I did 10 last week and will probably do 12 next week before I taper for the half.  So, in sticking with CR’s plan, I was going to run 3.5 walk 1, run 3.5.  Well, I ended up running 3.5, walking 1, and running 4.  8.5 miles total.  My pace was crazy consistent.  Miles 4 and 5 were at 13:30 (I walked from mile 3.5-4.5) and the other miles were 10:30 average.  So, thankfully my pace is on point.  I am excited.  Initially the 1 mile walk seemed to take too long, but it definitely helped me plow through the last 4 miles.  However, mentally my head was not in this run.  It was a struggle at times to keep my body in it.  I was still ADD and unfocused.  It was by far, a good mental training day, and it really did help me keep going when turning around or cutting it short and going home to my couch sounded way better.  I am glad I went, and glad I kicked butt pace wise.  Hopefully, tomorrow when I head out for a short 2-3, my head is more into it.   I am happy I got in 15.5 miles this week and 14.5 were running… very very happy with that!!

Workout plans: I am doing yoga Tuesday, short run and ST tomorrow, a run Wed, ST Thursday and resting Friday.  This weekend, I will get 11-12 miles in. 

As for cooking…. nothing spectacular, just some veggies around the house, potatoes and crab cakes for dinner tonight.  Have several recipes to choose from to try this week.  Stay tuned…. (oh, and I added one for this past week under the recipes tab).

However…. I did head to the grocery store without a list (this is NEVER good for me, especially with today’s ADD episodes) so in winging it, got my standard veggies and fruit, grains, beans, etc.  When I got home, I realized I already had a lot of broccoli, and go figure, bought more.  Guess what I am eating all week?!  Good thing I like it!!

I apologize, I didn’t get to the race lists… I will work on those this week, promise.  As for now, I am going to go do some reading and relax.  Have to pick a co-worker who is coming to town to work with me for the week up at the airport at 11pm. 

Run, live, laugh, love.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone, and remember to be active!!