Finally Friday….

Actually, this week has been pretty darn good all around, so I can’t complain. 

I achieved the goal of running 5 miles straight with no walk breaks.  This was big for me, as anything over 4 I was doing a run/walk combo on.  I kept an average pace of 11 min per mile, and had several inclines throughout.  My running buddy Wednesday night, taught me how to “slay the dragon” as well on those inclines.  It was a great night, and I am still flying high.  So thank you Charlene: and everyone, please check out her blog:!!  Apparently, my next goal is 8 miles with no walk breaks.  Thankfully she is giving me a few weeks to work towards this, lol.  She even gave me this gift:

to always remind me I can accomplish what I set my mind to, and to remember: Form, Attitude, and Breathing.  I am F.A.B.-O and Charlene, so are you!  I have probably thanked her a bazillion times, and for what she has done for me in just two runs on knocking down mental walls and reminding me of my abilities and confidence, I am not sure it’s enough.  Cannot wait for her to kill it at her first full marathon in March! 

So… weekend plans: The Color Run, but, I am actually walking it with a couple friends.  This run/walk is all for fun, it is not timed, and… well, you get sprayed with colored cornstarch at every Km.  Anyway, one friend that wanted to do this isn’t a runner and is trying to become more physically active, so, I am walking with her, and very excited to do so!  Cannot wait to post pics from this event (I even bought colorful and fun socks for it)!!  Then, on Sunday I am meeting a few new running buddies for a 10 mile run.  This will actually be the first time I run 10 miles two weekends in a row, but, if I set my pace, and stick with my comfortable run/walk ratio, I will have no problems on the 10 miles.  Sprinkle in some dog walks, some workouts and some yoga, and it will be a nice weekend.  I am looking forward to it, as next week is going to be hectic at work. 

My other goal this weekend is to go through and list all of my 2011 races and times as well as my 2012 race schedule plan.  

To all those racing this weekend, have a great race, finish strong.  I know locally there are a few good events: the Las Vegas Track Club is doing a Sole Purpose 10k/2m and the Color Run.  RunDisney is holding the Princess Half… best of luck to everyone there, cannot imagine the costumes that will be at that event!! 

Remember, have fun, smile often, and love completely.  Enjoy the weekend and most importantly, enjoy the run!!