FitBit Affiliate

I promised exciting news… and here is some of it! As some of you know, when I first started my weight loss journey in 2010 I purchased a Fitbit Classic. That little tool that attached to my bra or pocket, to me, was a game changer. It tracked my steps and activity level. It would sync with a program to my computer that tracked this information, where I could enter my eating and progress. I earned badges for meeting step goals and seeing this progress (or lack of progress) kept me motivated.

The little gadget also tracked my sleep to determine how long it took me to fall asleep and how restful my sleep was. This was an eye-opener. I may have been in bed 7+ hours but was rarely getting over 4 hours of sleep. Not good. I was able to work on my sleep which improved my fitness and energy levels.

The dashboard lets you see your progress (can you see I have a sedentary job?!) and interact with friends for a little healthy competition.


With the Fitbit, exercising regularly and eating healthy, I lost 60 lbs. For the most part, I have kept them off. I have a sedentary job so I make sure that when I can, I get moving.

I am beyond excited to share two bits of news with you. I have become a Fitbit Affiliate, helping to promote the benefits of the program and spread the word about the great Fitbit tools available!!

Second bit of news: they are creating a Fitbit Ambassador program that I will be a part of as well, another way to spread the word!

Fitbit has a wide range of products to help you meet your goals!! Check out their website for more information!!

Upcoming: Under Armour: What’s Beautiful Campaign, iBodyFit and Discussing my eye issues… Stay Tuned!!