Fun in a Candy Store

So Friday night we went to dinner to celebrate that most likely (if the stars are aligned and all that jazz) we will be closing on our house this coming week! We are buying a short sale, so this has been an interesting process, but we are excited. I am less excited about the daunting task of packing…. my closet alone scares me. But, my hubby has been great and the packing is moving along.

Anyway…. after dinner, we stopped in the It’s Sugar store to browse.  Ok, I really wanted to see if they carry cinnamon mentos, I swear, the only place to find them anymore is amazon… no dice on the mentos, but we did find some fun and entertaining treasures….

Enjoy the pics!

 How exactly this gum will prevent ugly children is beyond me… but okay.

 I swear my husband calls it this or lip goo… I almost bought this for him!!


This is hand sanitizer, lol!

For all of my cat friends!

 My childhood hero!

 LOL… they actually had a lot of bacon stuff there, but bacon bandages, were pretty cool! And, they are sterile.

I wonder what the enchanted part is??

Anyway…. with work being very busy, my summer class ending, traveling non-stop, and moving, life has been busy. This was a very nice and much needed break from life.

Stay tuned! I will start posting house pics soon!! Have a great Sunday everyone!