Habits I Love….

…. But Need to Quit

I once read the book ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’.  Sadly, I don’t remember all of it.  This blog is in a different direction.  Today, we are going to discuss Seven Habits I Love, but need to give up.  I could spend days debating effective and what works… I am a schedule girl, and lists, I love lists… these things keep me focused.  The lists and schedules were key to my initial weight loss, as was my need to journal everything. 
But, here I am a little over a year later, a vastly different person.  I’m not just talking physical shape and health, I’m talking mentally as well.  I am more positive, focused, determined, confident…. at times, I don’t recognize me.  In going over all this, I realize there are still some things that I could change/give up/improve on.  Things I cling to for a variety of reasons, comfort, feelings of joy, ease, dislike… the list goes on.  So, here are seven habits I love, but know I need to give up or change….Rather than make this the longest blog in history, I will list them all here, then throughout the week discuss each one in detail (and in random order)
1: High Heels
2: Coffee/Caffeine
3: Avoiding Cross-Training and Strength-Training
4: Self Doubt
5: Mindless TV watching
6: Not saying NO!
7: Eating in front of the TV
Trust me, I could list many more… but these are the 7 I will focus on this week.  Which of your habits would you like to change?
Stay tuned, later today or tomorrow the first Habit in detail will be up!!