Hitting the Restart Button!

Well, it is September 1st. As promised, I have my 90 day contract with myself all done, and will include it in this post. I slept in today, and honestly, with all the moving we’ve done the past 2 weeks, I needed that. I will get a run in this weekend, I am planning for tonight, but if we start moving more boxes around, it may end up tomorrow, but it will get done this weekend, and it will be at least 4 miles. I am going to yoga tomorrow morning too.

So, here is my contract. In it, it discusses taking my weight and measurements, which I did this morning. We aren’t talking about previous numbers, how much I gained, etc. This is day 1 of the new way of life. My goal: 155 lbs.  This will happen. My measurements will be posted at the end of the blog post. Thank you again for your support!

I have chosen to enter into a 90 day contract with myself to focus on my health, eating, exercise and mental/emotional well-being. There are three main parts to this contract: eating, exercise and self care. Although both eating and exercising can fall under self care, the goal of separating them is to identify key areas that need to be addressed.
This contract is binding and witnessed by Jennifer Hoser. I agree to report progress on this contract publicly on the Sole Sister on the Run blog, twitter and facebook accounts.
In order to succeed at this, support is vital. I am listing a few of my supporters here: my husband, Jennifer H, Charlene R, Kristin B, Kristina B. Thank you in advance for supporting me in my goals.
Section 1: Healthy Eating
1.     I will eat at least one fruit or vegetable with each meal. Dinner will consist of 50% vegetables at a minimum.
2.     Meats/Proteins will consist of fish, ethical chicken, nut butters, beans
3.     I will reduce my grains intake to no more than 2 servings daily
4.     I will reduce my intake of fried foods
5.     I will minimize processed foods
6.     I will follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time I will eat healthy, 20% of the time, I will have a treat, without going overboard.
7.     I will reduce my alcohol intake
8.     I will prepare meal options in advance so that they can either be placed in the crockpot to cook or quickly prepared/reheated to increase my healthy eating when time to cook is limited
9.     I will eat vegetarian one day a week
10.  Snacks after dinner will be low/no carb and minimal calories
11.  I will drink at least 3 green smoothies per week
12.  I will try one new recipe a week
Section 2: Exercise
1.     I will run at least 3 days per week
2.     I will begin swimming at the gym 1 day a week
3.     I will do yoga a minimum of 2 days a week for 60 min, and mini yoga routines throughout the week at home
4.     I will bike or take spin class 1 day a week
5.     I will do a total body workout (strength training) 2 days a week
6.     I will walk my dogs daily (hey, this counts as exercise!)
7.     I will do a plank a day
Section 3: Self Care
1.     I will take 1 day off a week. If anything, a small yoga routine for grounding
2.     I will schedule in 1 hour daily school time
3.     I will schedule in daily time for SGK volunteer work
4.     I will read non-school books nightly
5.     I will use the gym facilities at least 3 days a week
6.     I will focus more time on my blog and running personality
7.     I will review my commitments and determine which ones I want to continue with
8.     I will make time for friends
9.     Hubby and I will do weekly date night or day
10.  I will lose between 15-21 lbs by 12/1/12
11.  I will take my weight and measurements Saturday morning, and weekly thereafter on Saturday mornings
12.  We will eat out less
13.  I will start putting money into a savings account
14.  I will determine my career goals and pursue them
I, Angela Wozniak, agree to give 100% at honoring this contract. I promise to be honest with others on my progress and struggles.
Angela Wozniak
Weight: 184 lbs; BodyFat: 41.8%; BMI: 31.3
Chest: 39″; Waist: 37″; Hips: 44.5″; Thigh: 26.5; Bicep: 13″
 I started my morning with an egg white, feta and veggie omelet and sandwich thin with 1/2 T butter, and black coffee…. now, on to some unpacking….