We as runners know the importance of good shoes. If you are like me you initially spent hours mulling over the choices, fit, styles, and brands. I learned more about heel drop, cushion, pronation and supination than I ever thought I would. I have also fallen in love with a running sneaker to the point where a sale on them is better than Christmas. is an online shoe store like no other. With years of experience and video reviews, their shoe fitters are able to offer expert advice and assist you in finding the right shoe for you!

But that is not all that makes unique… they strive to make running fun and enjoyable for everyone while reducing the running community’s impact on the environment and helping people in need around the world. How you ask? By repurposing your old sneakers. You may not be able to run another race in some of your old running shoes… but someone somewhere could use a pair of shoes. KindRunner will donate your old running shoes to Soles 4 Souls and The More Foundation Group, and for each pair you return, you will earn credit towards a future purchase! A great way to unload the old running shoes and get new ones! launches June 1st. The revolution begins. To tide you over until then… here is a preview of their mission!!

Also, be sure to follow them for updates on their launcha and mission!