Last Day of a 3-Day Weekend

So today was great… a bonus day on the weekend, which, for as busy as this weekend was, was a nice treat.  The plan for today: brunch with Karen, then cleaning the house.  Squeezing in some workout time.  Oh, and that darn laundry.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I can avoid housecleaning like there’s no tomorrow.  Unless Hoarders is on, then I feel the need to scrub my house in bleach.  Or, oddly, if I have a big deadline, then I prefer to clean vs work on project.  Anyway, after brunch I stopped by a sporting goods store to see if they had the foam roller I wanted in stock.  Nope… oh well.  Then, home to grab the hubby to head to the Office Depot to get some stuff printed.  Perfect.  Aimless window shopping is the ideal way to avoid cleaning.  So, wondering around the store I found this:

Okay, so really, I am NOT girly, at all.  It kinda annoys my one friend who is girly enough for both of us.  Her name starts with a J, but, for now, we won’t sell her out.  However, shoes… shoes are my weakness.  I love shoes, of all styles, shapes, you name it.  As long as they are not pink or sparkly.  Now, had it just been me at the store, this would absolutely be sitting on my desk right now.  Alas, that silly husband thought I should not spend the money on it right now.  Hmm, right now?  Okay.  So, then I convince him to go to Target.  I can wander aimlessly there for hours… who needs to scrub a bathroom anyway.  And, I had already gotten in the core/glutes/hips workout this morning.  So…. wandering around Target I realized people will spend money on the silliest of things.  I understand some people like pink and are girly.  But, is there really a need for this?!:

Not to mention, it is $80.  Wow.  And J… if you would buy this… please don’t tell me.  I don’t want to know.

So, we left, and I convinced him to stop for coffee.  Yay, more cleaning avoidance.  But, I came home, started the laundry 🙁  and then, took the dogs out for a nice 2 mile jog.  🙂  They were very happy.  I didn’t even get overly annoyed at the lady that sighed heavily and drug her uncooperative dogs clear across the street at the sight of me with my dogs.  Hey, my dogs were beyond happy to be out running with me lady, you and your dogs were not a concern of theirs.  I know they are big, but really, they are gentle giants.

Well, the laundry is still going… I FINALLY got all the invites done, stuffed and stamped to send out for our belated wedding reception back East.  We were married in November here in Vegas at the JP and are going to celebrate with our families in April.  I worked out, took the dogs for a jog, and, may even squeeze in an upper body workout.  I have been extremely productive this weekend.

We did buy white board cleaner and new markers today.  So I can now turn my husband’s previous studio white board into my workout board (sorry about the shadow in the pic):

Tomorrow it’s back to work, then yoga with Kristin.  Wednesday, I am going to give 1010% and running 5-6 miles with no walk breaks.  I know I can do this physically, I just have to convince my mind that I can do it.  It’s the mental part I am struggling with.  So, please, send the motivation my way!  Then, a rest day.  Going for another 10 miles this weekend with new running friends.

Have a great evening!!