March Recap aka Why I Love Running

Well, March was a fun month all around, but especially in running. First, some quick highlights of the amazing month of March:
  • I ran a total of 64 miles!
  • I set a PR in a half marathon (2:21:35) and the very next week, went sub-30 on a 5k for the first time(28:54) OFFICIALLY (my coach had me do it on a weekday run, this one is on the books).
  • Our team dominated at the Cirque 5k and took home an award as a team on top of many individual awards.
  • I actually officially joined a team: Ninja Endurance Racing. My singlet will finally be ready for me to wear at my April 7thRockin’ Rabbit Half Marathon.
  • I went for new sneakers…. this was huge for me… and I think I found a pair that fits great and that feel amazing! Thanks Saucony for the Kinvara 2.
  • I started working with a run coach.
  • I did my first ever real trail run, the scenery was amazing and made up for the fear of falling off a cliff.
  • I volunteered for the first time at a marathon/half marathon.
  • I signed up for the Philadelphia Half Marathon. My cousin will do the half with me, and my brother and two other cousins will do the full marathon. Somehow, we all decided to take up running in the last several years and now we will get to run a race together… truly amazing.
Now… for a story about how running truly is amazing:
Through my coach/friend on the day I went shoe shopping, I met a friend of hers, Brandi. Brandi has just moved here from Virginia about 2 weeks ago. As we are girls… we hit it off while shopping for shoes, even running sneakers can bond girls, lol. Anyway… turns out, the girl is a fellow Hokie!  Finally, another Hokie in Vegas!! Brandi had a rough year physically and is getting back to running, finally! So, she joined us for Charlene’s FAB Virtual Run events on Saturday and Sunday. She is also planning to join some of us for regular runs and races we have scheduled. When she and I were running Saturday, she mentioned that I was the first friend she met out here. That warmed my heart… and made me think, yet another reason I love running. The running community is so welcoming and encouraging and exciting! It brings together people from all walks of life, anywhere in the country. It’s amazing. Just looking at places that read my blog or follow me on twitter, I have people from all around the world, and we are in some way connected because of running… and always supportive of each other and our goals, workouts, ambitions. I love it!! 
We all met up Sunday for day 2 of the FAB Virtual Run, for our own reasons, many of us were “off” our minds not in it, our brains distracted, or our hearts heavy. I was unfocused. I walked a mile with Brandi and started to feel better. There were 25 mph winds that day, so of course that meant long run day, so after the event, Charlene and I headed out for 8 miles, which really felt so much longer with all the headwinds… but, we did it, despite the wind, despite being tired, our minds not into it, etc. we ran 8 miles, and pushed it the last half mile. Despite my desire to curl up on my couch all day, I went out and ran, and afterwards, felt strong, more confident, and less “off”. So thank you running, for everything.
PS: My new friend may actually get me to try biking again. I am exploring my options and looking for a bike. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions? They are all welcome and appreciated!!