Me? Motivating and Inspiring?!

Lately, I have really been reminded of how fluid life and relationships are. My journey, if we want to call it that, started a little over 1 year ago. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, to use a very common phrase. I chose to start a Couch to 5k program and then started to change how I ate. My goal was to lose weight and feel better. My hope was to succeed. I would say, I have achieved that. I have run numerous races, lost 50 lbs, and feel healthier than I have ever felt. Success.

But… in that process, goals have evolved, as has my focus and journey. If you would have told me two years ago that I would be a positive influence, inspiration and motivator to others trying to make changes, I would have called you crazy. Some days, I still would call you crazy. But, sure enough I share my story here on this blog, the good, bad and indifferent. I have followers on Twitter and Facebook that reach out to me regularly enjoying my stories, telling me that I have inspired or motivated them to take that first step. This humbles me every single time. I often do not feel like I am that great at any of this, but, to know that my experiences, desires and journey have influenced others in a positive manner, that brings me happiness.

The past few months have been no different. I have been granted such amazing opportunities to further my goals.

  • I became a member of FitFluential and was later accepted as a FitFluential Ambassador. The amount of knowledge, encouragement, love and so on that this group of people provides is overwhelming and amazing. You should definitely check them out (and join).
  • I was accepted as a 13.1 Marathon Series blogger. I will regularly be posting blogs on this site to help motivate and inspire people on that platform.
  • I was accepted to be a State Reporter for Pace Per Mile Endurance Radio. Be on the lookout for my first post this week. Although I have never been a fan of my voice recorded, this is a great experience to touch hundreds of thousands of people to inform them of the race scene in my area. 
  • I am working towards my goals of becoming a RRCA Certified Run Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. 
  • I am gaining friends in the running/racing community and love it!! What a great group of people!!
  • I became a Half Fanatic!! I am number 2166 to be exact. I achieved this by running 3 half marathons within 70 days. 
  • Most importantly, I have gained health, energy, and a renewed love of life.

I realize that although I was the person responsible for making these changes, it was with all the love and support from you, that I have gotten here. So thank you… and pay that inspiration forward!