My Holiday Decision

Holidays are an interesting time of year. Travel, family time, parties, tons of unhealthy foods… As someone who works in health education and strives to lead by example, I always find this time difficult. There are always tons of posts, sayings, etc. about ‘never regretting a workout’, making time for fitness, and so on. While I wholeheartedly believe those statements, I also believe in balance. Let’s face it for a lot of us the work/family/life balance can be a daily struggle. Heck, I don’t even have kids and it is a struggle for me. 
I work 40 hours a week, this week is finals week for me so I have two projects due for school. I have commitments in my personal life. I try to keep up with the social media component of my life. Add to that baking for parties, attending parties, traveling to see family, etc. and something needs to give. By my own admission, I am not a fitness “elite”. I workout, I enjoy it, but, I do not workout daily, I do not do “streaks” for any activity, I, like so many of you, have had to struggle and rearrange and try again to find my niche in the fitness world for me. I am a runner. This helps because I can run anywhere. I do yoga, and do that at home if I can’t make it to the gym. I can squeeze in fitness when needed.
As I trained for my first half marathon I was diligent on my training plan. Never missed a run, would skip out on things if I had an early morning run, etc. Then, I hit a running slump this past year. It wasn’t fun when I made it more like work than an activity I enjoy. I know me, if I do not enjoy it I am not going to put the effort forth to do it. I needed to find balance, to fall back in love with running and stay fit.
So, this holiday season, I am going to live life as it comes. I will not turn down a party invite solely because of scheduled training. I will not give up cookies. I will have cocktails. I will spend time with family, friends, and myself. I will relax. I will enjoy each moment. I will bake. I will exercise, but will not feel guilty if, during this week of finals I don’t make it to spin class because I need to study or revise a paper. I will run (a half marathon Saturday), but not give in to the “you aren’t dedicated” commentary if I miss a run or two when traveling across time zones and my body says sleep in versus wake up early and run. 
Does this mean I am lazy or not as motivated or dedicated as others? Not to me. To me, it means I have found my balance for my life. I understand the importance of fitness and the role it plays in my life. I have made it work for me. I have found that depriving myself of anything, be it fries, cookies, time with loved ones, exercise, etc. does not work for me. Will I sometimes choose dinner with my husband or friends over a workout? Yes. And I will love every moment of that time with them. The road will be there later for my run and I will feel great running because spending time with those I care about puts me in a great mood and motivates me. 
I admire those people that workout daily, admire their dedication, and let’s face it, their rock hard bodies. I admire those that seem to never have a time management issue and can “do it all”. Someday maybe that will be me. This holiday season, remember, be active in some way (a walk with family, a short run, yoga in the AM or before bed, etc) but enjoy the moments, the joy and the laughter. Most importantly, have that treat (just not the whole platter). 
Have a wonderful Happy Holiday Season!!!!