Product Review: BenGay Zero Degrees

A little while back I was given a sample of BenGay Zero Degrees to try out. Thankfully, it took a little while for me to use it. I say thankfully, because that means, my muscles weren’t sore and achy.

I did finally get to try it out last week, it also happened to be during the Vegas heatwave where we hit close to 120. Why is this important? Read on….

BenGay Zero Degrees is their new product that can be stored in the freezer. This gives it an extra boost of cold relief when applied. I remember from years ago the distinct smell associated with BenGay, and am happy to report, this product does not have that.

So, after some heavy workouts, long days at work, and sleeping wrong (thanks dogs for sneaking into bed and only on MY side…) I was sore in several spots. To make it worse, it was hotter than hot outside, and for me, intense heat drains away any energy. So, the idea of stretching, walking, etc to keep the muscles going just didn’t seem like it would happen. Instead, I opened BenGay Zero Degrees. I applied it to my sore muscles. WOW!!!!!

First off, it was being stored in my freezer so it was nice and cold. This alone, when it was 118 degrees outside made me want to apply it everywhere. The instant cooling felt amazing! The best part, hours later, my muscles still did not feel sore and there was no “you have muscle pain relief cream on” smell.

This product is a gel and for ease of application, comes in a deodorant style tube. So it will roll on easily without your hands getting slimy. It dries quickly, so you don’t feel like you have to avoid touching things.

Overall, this product is great. I am considering not telling my husband where it is so I don’t have to share it with him…. is that wrong?

*Although I received this product for this review, the opinions are mine and not influenced by BenGay.