Product Review: Rob Keller MD Original Glutathione Formula

Awhile back a running friend and I were talking about energy and being tired all the time. As you who read my blogs know…. I tend to keep my schedule crazy busy. I had hit a point where I really had no energy. I would walk in the door from work and want to lie down. At 4:30. It was effecting my life and my running. When I was running I was slower, and my recovery time was long. I was sore for a couple days after long runs, even with foam rolling and icing. After talking with her and doing some research, I found Rob Keller MD supplements. Specifically the Original Glutathione Formula.
Rob Keller MD sent me a bottle to try… and Wow! Is all I can say. Within two weeks of trying this I noticed several differences. My energy levels were improving. I wasn’t running marathons suddenly, but I had energy after work without downing several cups of coffee. I was able to do more and felt better. Not sure how else to explain it, I just felt better… I was sleeping more soundly, felt more refreshed, and my endurance for the day was stronger. My skin actually started to clear, and as a 38 yr old female with acne, this was a great additional blessing!!
The next test… running and recovery time. I was running pretty consistently, training for another half marathon and working on speed drills. My recovery time was greatly shortened. I followed the same post-run routine, stretching, foam rolling, icing. Eating the protein. The only difference, I added in the Original Glutathione Formula. I was much less sore and able to do a short recovery run the day after long runs, with no problems. My muscles didn’t feel as fatigued and were not sore. My energy during runs sustained.
I honestly cannot say enough about this product. I have stuck with it for several months, and when I forget to take them for a few days, I notice the difference almost immediately.
From their website, here is a little more information on glutathione and their product:
Glutathione is a vital tri-peptide consisting of Cysteine, Glycine, and Glutamine. These amino acids are naturally manufactured in every cell of your body with high concentrations in the heart, lung, liver, spleen, brain, muscle and skin tissue. Glutathione functions as both an antioxidant and an antitoxin for your body, attracting free radicals and toxins like a very powerful magnet. Glutathione boosts the immune system and helps reduce the damage of free radicals on your cells. 

Although Glutathione is naturally prevalent in every cell of your body, starting in your early 20’s your body’s natural production of glutathione starts to decline by as much as 10% – 15% every decade. Additionally, stress, exercise, infection, injury and environmental toxins can also reduce your body’s glutathione levels. To increase your body’s natural defense against pre-mature aging and cellular damage you must increase your glutathione levels.

This formula treats the digestive system as a tool, not as a hurdle. Instead of trying to find a way to keep pure Glutathione intact through the digestive cycle, Original Glutathione Formula™ was formulated with the full recognition of the nature and environment of the digestive tract. Original Glutathione Formula™ is designed to be broken down by the digestion process. When the breakdown process is complete, what emerges into the blood stream are all the nutrients necessary for your body to generate Glutathione efficiently and consistently. Other components of Original Glutathione Formula™ support enhanced absorption and recycling of the nutrients that are critical to your body’s natural capacity to generate Glutathione.
I love this product SO much… I am offering a discount code for my readers… and some free supplements  for one lucky reader!!
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*Although I received this product for this review, the opinions are mine and not influenced by RobKellerMD.