Running From An Angel Race Review

This past Saturday was half marathon number 1 of 13 for 2013. A local race director puts together challenging courses, and this one is no exception. Set at the scenic Lake Mead area in Boulder City, NV Running From An Angel is a hilly out and back half marathon. Although I love the challenge of her courses, I know that a PR is not easy, so I went into this one hoping to do well and start my year of half marathons off right.

A cold snap decided to hit Vegas the weekend of this race. It was about 28 at race start… not what I was hoping for, and as a desert dweller, not easy to prepare for. The night before I set out my outfit, prepped my race day bag and got some sleep. As some of you know, I have been dealing with some eye issues (recurrent corneal erosion to be exact, but, we’ll discuss that at another time). I was just at the doctor’s Thursday for a follow-up, given a new routine of drops to use, and given the okay to race. I woke up Saturday morning with an occurrence of the corneal erosion. To sum it up, this means stabbing pain, watery eye, and blurred vision. I will be honest: I was not happy (obviously) and for a few moments contemplated not running. I knew the eye issue would come in to play on the course, it would slow me down, make me extra cautious of where I was running as my vision was blurred and stress me out with concerns it would get worse while running. To be even more honest, this issue has been beating up my psyche for a few months. I don’t know why, but Saturday morning, I had had enough… I was angry that my eye was acting up, in pain, and frustrated, but, this goal is important to me, and I needed to at least try to run that race.

I continued to get ready, brought extra eye drops to carry during the race, and headed out. I was all dressed in layers and prepped for the cold and the hills. Had my fueling of Honey Stinger Energy Chews and Waffle (I LOVE the pink lemondae or limeade flavor chews and the vanilla waffles) for during the race and a slightly shaky mindset. Hey, I just need to finish I kept telling myself.

Well, the eye issue didn’t act up during the race, but the worry did interfere. It took me a few miles to really get into the run, and honestly, I felt off for most of it, worried about the wind blowing something into my eye, and making sure I kept putting eye drops in. The hills were a challenge… steep and long. Here is the elevation chart:


Around mile 9 I felt my calves and feet cramping. This was odd for me because I stay hydrated, drank plenty of electrolytes the day before… I did realize that for the first time I ran with my calf sleeves on (normally I put them on after) and I pushed them down and my legs began to feel better, enough for me to really push it the last half mile. Yes, I know they are supposed to minimize cramping, maybe my connection between the two is in my head, but, it’s worth noting for me.

Overall, I did okay, not spectacular, not amazing, but, despite the way the morning started and the muscle cramps, I finished. I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!! (and, my time was not as horrible as I thought) As I crossed that finish line, inside I was screaming “screw you eye issues, you didn’t win today!” Seriously, that was my victory Saturday; that I didn’t give in to the voice wanting to curl up and be miserable with a hurting eye. That I drove out to the lake on a freezing morning and ran a half marathon; my seventh half overall and my first of 2013. My official chip time: 2:34:32. Not my best time, but, I am told from my friend/coach, that it is a good time for that course for me, under those circumstances. Did you see that elevation chart?? I think I did pretty darn good given those hills (and my eye).

Here are some pics of me post-race and the swag: medal, shirt and race bib.


Back of Shirt


Front of shirt, race bib and medal


Me, at home, post-race


Close-up of the medal

Onto the next race: Surf City Half Marathon, Huntington Beach, CA on February 3, 2013. If you are planning to be there and see me, say hi!!