Skipping Cross-Training and Weights:

      This doesn’t even need a long explanation.  It’s pretty self explanatory.  It’s a simple, well duh.  But, it is the one thing I have to really force myself to do.  Which is silly because as a runner, it will help me improve my times, endurance, etc. even if I only workout twice a week.  Yet, unless it’s a yoga class, it is the ONE thing I need to force myself to do.  I have done it, last year it helped me lost a lot of weight.  I have tons of equipment at home, workout plans, etc… but I just don’t like it, any of it, despite the benefits.  A prime example, the other day should have been strength training day, then, my schedule got hectic.  Dogs had to go get their Bordatella vaccine, I needed to run to the store to grab some things for dinner, and then, the TV went on (honestly, it wasn’t me that turned it on, but I sure didn’t turn it off).  So, needless to say, other than trying a new recipe, I got nothing done that night, and didn’t strength train.  I did not avoid it all week though, I did strength training one day last week and cross training one day, so, I didn’t completely fail.  I just know that this is my area of weakness (in more ways than one).  I need to absolutely change this and find a routine or a few I will stick with.  But, how do you learn to love strength training?  How????  I will start by asking for suggestions on exercises and routines people enjoy.  I will scour through my stacks of exercises and create routines.  I will schedule it like I do a run, and force myself to lock myself in my office/workout room at home until it gets done.  I will post them on daily mile, so if you don’t see it pop up on here, you can call me out. I will be honest, I am not going to add much else new in this week before Saturday’s race, but will next week.
      I have also hired a run coach, officially.  So, I am sure she will help me develop a few plans that will help me out overall.
So here is my plan:
·       Develop 3-4 routines that cover upper body, core, glutes, hips, legs
·       Determine number of days I need to strength train
·       Create schedule with coach on runs, workouts, yoga
·       DO IT!
  • Which workouts do you do?  Please post or send them along…. I can add them to my page here as well!!