Thanks ESPNW and Oakley!

I had off last Thursday, and, after a very busy and intense 4 day conference across the country, was more than happy to lounge on my couch and play on the laptop. Another #fitfluential ambassador posted about this contest ESPN for Women was holding on Twitter: a giveaway of a pair of Oakleys signed by Olympian Kerri Lee Walsh for you and two friends. So… I figured, what the heck sending a tweet is easy enough, no biggie. So, I sent this:

And low and behold a few hours later, was informed by @ESPNW that I was selected as a winner!!!! I was shocked, excited and in disbelief, but this tweet appeared:

That made it official. (My friends were pretty happy too!)

So, Wednesday I came home from work and found this:

As promised, three pairs of SIGNED by Kerri Lee Walsh Oakley sunglasses!!!  So in it were two pairs of these:

And one pair of these:

So, of course I tried on both styles, first, the Team USA Half Jacket 2.0 Style:

Don’t mind the lack of make-up, was a long day doing research interviews at work, and well, it’s HOT in Vegas. These didn’t look horrible, but, weren’t my favorite….

But these:

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED!!! I think I rock the Team USA Caveat Style!! Don’t you agree??

So, THANK YOU AGAIN to ESPNW, Oakley, and Olympian Kerry Lee Walsh, myself, Running with Charlene and Run with K love our new shades!! Pics of all of us in them coming soon!!