The Yo-Yo Exerciser

Nope, not a review of a new and exciting exercise routine or gadget. It’s what I feel like. I won’t lie, when it comes to running, I am ON THAT. I run 3-4 times a week, love my long runs, and unless my body is crying, don’t miss a run.

However, when it comes to exercising, I am all over the map, really. I go all out, at the gym almost every day, feeling great, walking the dogs on top of it, go go go! Loving every minute of it, the sore muscles, the increased strength. All of it. Then… all of a sudden, I am “tired”, exhausted, busy, etc lazy/unmotivated and don’t get to the gym for weeks. I write out a nifty little schedule, plan to get up early and go before work, etc. and it never happens. I can wake up at 4:30 am for a run, but to strength train?! Nope. Doesn’t happen.

It’s not that I don’t know all the benefits to exercise and how it will help my running, and on and on. I get it. I just can’t continuously stick to a strength training program of any sort. Running, yes. Yoga, absolutely. But strength training, no matter what I try, it doesn’t stick. I have tried machines, free weights, classes, videos, etc. They work temporarily, but then, I just don’t care.

I guess it’s like getting used to eating healthy or changing other unhealthy behaviors. But this one, I just can’t “get”.  I feel better when I work out, but haven’t been able to love it, and that folks is what keeps me from fully committing. I wish I knew how to change this. Really. Because I love how I feel AFTER I work out and it has given me amazing benefits, in 2010 it helped me lose 50 lbs. I am pretty darn sure it will help me lose the last 15-20 lbs. So what is jeeping me from doing it?

I promote healthy living, I discuss the benefits of exercise and eating healthy at work and in my online life. Yet, I yo-yo exercise. Is this a syndrome? It should be.  Perhaps I should start a yo-yo exercisers support group.

So… I am reaching out to all of you… what helps keep you exercising when you don’t love exercising, what gets you to do it? What has worked for you? What gets you out there to do squats, lunges, crunches, bicep curls and so on? Help me fall in love with exercise!!