Trying New Things

Today was a day of adventures, and it’s only 1:00 pm. Recently my friend Kristina joined the gym Kristin and I go to. With that, we got a free group training session. We finally coordinated all our schedules and at 10:00, we had our session. It’s no secret I am not big on weight lifting. I KNOW the benefits, trust me I do… but I get bored easily. Well, this class was a great remedy for that. The three of us and two trainers did a circuit training and used the TRX (I love this thing a little a lot). So, our circuits were a step that we had to lift up and hop on one leg for 30 sec, then switch legs for 30 seconds. Then, mountain climbers with a bosu ball, then a plank with the bosu, on the TRX one foot in and squats, then switch, bicep curls and skull crushers (triceps work) and then squat and rows all on the TRX (30 sec ea, except the squat rows, that got a whole minute. Then… 3 more circuits: walk out push up, kettle bell squats and ball squats (throw the ball down and squat to catch it). We did this circuit a few times, then, some abs work. It was a KILLER workout, and I will feel it on tomorrow’s run, but it was a good time and a nice challenge. Was I perfect at it, no. But did I enjoy the challenge, yes. (sorry, I don’t have pics).

After the workout, on a silly dare Kristin made with me, we tried Vegamite. She will one day learn to never challenge me on a food dare.

So, we spread a little on some bread and split it. It wasn’t great:

IMG_3026 IMG_3027

Kristin spit it out:

IMG_3029 IMG_3030

I swallowed and followed up with Nutella to rid the taste from my mouth. Not wanting to pass judgement on this one attempt, I made some toast, put a lot of butter on it and a little Vegamite. This time… it wasn’t bad. I won’t eat it regularly, but, again, I am glad I tried it!

So… what have you tried new lately?