Warrior Dash Event Review

What can I say, after doing an obstacle course earlier in the year, I was hooked… and when a friend asked me to do this one with her, I was all over it. I love the challenges and the chance to play in the mud. And… what a day it was!

It started with absolutely perfect weather, low 70’s by start time and sunny. Here in the desert, that was great!! From the start this was well organized, the signage, parking, etc. On a side note, I had finally stopped being lazy and changed my name to my married name legally, a quick email to Warrior Dash and that was all updated for my bib and packet. That was great. Once at the event, the organization continued… where to head for packets, etc… all organized. They started pumping you up at the start, and we were in the first wave… they were all amped, and that got the crowd into it! So much fun!!

So… we started. A friend of mine had a hurt back, and was walking the event, and doing some of the obstacles. Our group all hung out together, as for us, it wasn’t a matter of what our time would be, but to hang out together and have fun. This event had some great hills to climb and man did my glutes feel it by the end, so thanks Warrior Dash for that workout 🙂 Our first obstacle was a pretty easy one to get through. Our second obstacle, the barbed wire maze was “down for repairs” we were bummed, but, safety first!! Other than the one I couldn’t do… I completed every obstacle, testing my balance, ability to climb, and flexibility. We trudged through some thick goo, more water and crawled over tires.


As we came through the last muddy water obstacle, and saw the fires to jump… we were BEYOND excited! We had finished… and with smiles on our faces, leaped the flames! Then, turned the corner to find the mudpit, lol. But, swimming/crawling through that and under barbed wire was too much fun and we giggled our way through it. Then… as Kristin and I climbed out, our one friend who avoided the mud was waiting for us… we smothered her with muddy hugs! I cannot wait to see that picture!!

Then…. we stood in a fast moving line to get hosed off… and grabbed our free beer and posed for pics with our well-earned medals and Viking helmets.

I cannot wait to do this event again. The obstacles were challenging but not impossible, staff/volunteers were amazing, friendly and helpful. The terrain was great trail area and very scenic. The entire event had a great fun loving atmosphere making you want to stay all day, or even go again! I will post more pics when their official pics are released…. since the goal was to have fun… I made sure to have fun when the cameras were there!

Thank you Warrior Dash for hosting a great, organized and fun event here in Las Vegas!! When are you coming back??