Week 2 Update: Hitting the Restart Button

It’s that time again…. time to check in with an update. I am doing well with adding in more exercise. Not quite up to the goal of running 3 days a week again, but, getting there. I ran Tuesday, did spin class Wednesday and Saturday and ran 7 miles this morning. I keep scheduling something for Thursday night, and honestly, after working, then 2 1/2 hours of class, by the time I get home I am exhausted and hungry. I think I need to switch that day to my off day.

This coming week I have row practice Monday, a friend visiting Tuesday (and a run scheduled) spin class Wednesday, Thursday off, short run Friday, spin class followed by power yoga on Saturday and a long run Sunday.

Eating has been going very well. We had company Wednesday night, that brought pizza and beer. I knew this plan ahead of time, so planned out my eating for that day, and the day before and after. I came home from spin class and first made and ate a salad before having pizza. I only had one beer. Honestly… not devouring pizza was HUGE for me. That is one of my weaknesses. Seriously. I thought that was a great sign of progress. I had a lot of leftovers from the weekend and Monday which gave me options throughout the week for lunch or dinners on late nights, keeping me eating healthy.

In all the moving and unpacking, I found the receipt for a spa package I bought forever ago but never used. It was a vibration, infrared sauna and facial. The vibration thing was weird… you basically stand on this board that vibrates at different speeds for 10 minutes. Then, 30 min in the infrared sauna (I swear I was sweating the rest of the day!) and then, a facial. It was SO nice to just relax.

Still no green smoothies… I must get to that. Trying a new dinner recipe tonight, and did last week as well. Also…. made zucchini chips and homemade jam. ALSO… found a recipe for homemade pumpkin spice syrup. Not quite Starbucks, and I used stevia instead of sugar, which made it a bit too sweet… need to cut that next time. It is tasty. Now… what to do with the extra pumpkin….

Measurements: MORE GOOD NEWS!
Weight: 178 (-3.2)
BF%: 38.3% (-1.5%)
BMI: 29.8 (-0.5)
Chest: 38.75 (-0.25)
Waist: 35.5 (-0.5)
Hips: 43.75 (-0.5)
Thigh: 26 (-0.25)
Biceps: 12 (same)

Progress continues. Amping up the cardio with the spin classes has helped. I am loving this class, and twice a week is even better! I am a little more than excited to have a spin/yoga 2 hr calorie killer Saturday.

Anyone have a green smoothie recipe they like?