Week 5 Update

Another week, another update on my 90 Day Contract. All in all it was a better week for me. As I was getting ready to write this blog I realized I have only given updates on whether or not I exercised and lost weight. Well, I reviewed my 90 Day Contract one month in and realized I haven’t been updating you on everything else. Yes, I blog about running and fitness, yes, I am an ambassador for a healthy and active lifestyle. But… that is not all that I am. 
I made that contract for myself, to help me focus on becoming healthier, and not just physically. I wanted to focus on my mental and emotional wellbeing, my relationships and my physical health. We often get caught up in one facet of our lives or someone’s life, we forget the big picture. Or maybe we choose to not see it. I’m not sure. So, I apologize now for only giving you a portion of the updates. Let’s fix that now. 
I set Healthy Eating Goals: I am easily meeting my 6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I am happy to report my body craves them. My meats and proteins are healthy and going well, even with the nut butter recalls. I am still working on cutting down my grains intake, I love carbs… what can I say, it’s one of the reasons I became a runner! I have drastically cut down on fried foods, and the last time I ordered them, didn’t even finish my meal. This is progress, normally I would devour fries, and then some. I continue to plan in advance, which helps me with lunch options, I eat healthy 80% of the time and try new recipes often. (I should post these suckers!) and am doing really well. I honestly feel that I am in a healthy place with my eating and relationships with food. I 99% of the time don’t eat out of boredom, don’t graze, and think things through before I shove it in my mouth. I haven’t tried green smoothies yet, they scare me a little, I won’t lie. 
I also set Self Care Goals: I have been taking one day off a week, and sometimes two. This weekend my body overruled my mind, and I slept, a lot. I am on top of my school work and my grades are great. I am also focused and doing well with my SGK volunteering. I read nightly, and not a textbook. Not timeless literature either, but that is okay, I clear my mind every night. I vary in times I get to the gym. I am using them right now more for spin and yoga classes. I spend time with friends and with my husband. We have seen the DaVinci exhibit and Wicked! Most of the time we eat out less and I do weight myself weekly and take my measurements. I have failed in the savings account goal, but, my explanation (excuse) is that we bought a house in August, so spare money is going to paint, or other things for the house. I am also working on my career goals. I am going to be doing a presentation in early 2013 on connecting your business/program with social media. 
So… there it is, progress on things other than days I exercised and if I lost weight. But… for those that need to know: I lost 1.5 lbs and worked out 4 times last week. Hey… I’m not perfect. 🙂

Oh… and here is a pic of Mia and I chilling in my giant reading nook we just painted! 
 Seriously, if I laid down and stretched, my toes and fingers wouldn’t touch the walls. This thing is huge. Anyone have extra pillows for it?
Have a great week everyone! I have my normal week of work, school work, exercise… mom is visiting Fri-Mon, and Saturday is the Dragonboat Regatta!!!