Towards the end of March, life became extremely hectic for me at work. It was almost walk season (our annual fundraising event) and with my walk in the beginning of the month, there were a lot of late nights and my workout schedule became just as hectic. But… I was still getting the workouts in. I was still training for RunDisney’s Dark Side Challenge mid-April. (that race weekend review coming soon).

I continued to run, do cross-training and yoga. However, with the late nights, began running on the treadmill more than normal. I made an effort to get all my workouts in, because I knew my sleep and eating wouldn’t be consistent. Then, one day, I woke up and it hurt to walk on my left foot. My foot didn’t hurt, just above my ankle did. I was hoping it was overuse or something simple. I promised myself that if it still hurt after work calmed down, I would go to the doctor. I used ice, heat, compression, kinesiology tape, etc. Anything to keep me going through April.

Today, I went to see an orthopedic doctor. Although I am waiting for the MRI, the doctor seemed pretty certain that this continued pain is a stress fracture. Yep, stress fracture in the ankle area is a phrase a runner NEVER wants to hear. NEVER.

After discussing the MRI and such, the obvious was stated: you need to rest the ankle. No running, no high impact activities.

Sigh. I had a feeling this was coming. An intuition I guess.

How I'm feeling about this news.

How I’m feeling about this news.

I’ve been a runner since the summer of 2010. I’ve never been this sidelined. I’ve had a few overuse injuries that I could simply back off for a bit, then return to running. But, this, this is different. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. The next few months of training have to be completely redesigned. I cannot run.

So, I know there are numerous options for being active. I know I can swim and perhaps cycle. I know these things. I know I am not relegated to the couch. I get that. But right now, I just feel lost and miserable. I feel frustrated. I feel sad.

But, I have decided to give myself 24 hours to feel miserable. 24 hours, then, back at it. Redesign the training. Refocus. Shake off the miserable feelings, and go forward. This will not deter my goals at being healthy. I can focus on other forms of fitness.


How I spent my night.


And… one highlight to this… summer is on it’s way to Vegas, so with no running… I won’t have to be up at 4am to get my long runs in before it gets too hot out! I can finally work on improving my swimming and getting back on my bike! 

So, this runner is sidelined… but only from running, and only temporarily. This runner will focus on her other athletic skills and continue to build her strength, endurance, cardio and health.

Oh yeah, my new shades from my much needed retail therapy! Love them!!

Oh yeah, my new shades from my much needed retail therapy! Love them!!

Okay… for all my fellow athletes, suggestions welcome on other forms of cardio and cross-training welcome! Please share!!!

  • What keeps you active?
  • What have you done to cope with being sidelined from the activity you love the most?

Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year (a few days late)… I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to tackle this new year!! After a roller coaster of a year in 2014, I am excited for a new year, new goals and new adventures!!

So… here are my goals/plans for 2015 broken down by areas of my life:


  • Be successful.
  • Prioritize daily.
  • Succeed in achieving my goals.
  • Host successful events.
  • Outreach within the community.
  • Grow and learn.


  • Be present.
  • Walk my dog every day.
  • Love more.
  • Tell people how I feel about them.
  • Appreciate those in my life.
  • Practice kindness.
  • Read more.  (I just joined an online book club, stay tuned for monthly book reviews!)
  • Smile and laugh every day.
  • Make someone else smile every day.
  • Offer assistance where I can.
  • Volunteer.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Respect my time, emotions, and needs.
  • Cook and bake more.
  • Spend more time with friends and loved ones.
  • Organize my life/schedule.
  • De-clutter my home.


  • Eat healthy 80% of the time.
  • Start flossing more.
  • Eat less sugar.
  • Cook more meals.
  • Plan my weekly meals.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Walk 10, 000 steps minimum a day.


  • Create a plan with my trainer that challenges me, yet one I can commit to maintaining.
  • Try new things.
  • Join a yoga studio.
  • Swim more.
  • Bike more.
  • Run more.
  • Complete two sprint triathlons.
  • PR in a half marathon.
  • Don’t let the Philly Half win this year.
  • Become stronger.
  • Build more muscle.
  • Improve my hill running.
  • Be consistent in all my fitness.

Blog/Social Media:

  • Write more.
  • Collaborate with others.
  • Share my knowledge of essential oils.
  • Post more recipes.
  • Be more interactive.
  • Bring you more reviews and information on great products.

Essential Oils:

  • Expand my knowledge.
  • Earn certifications.
  • Share with others both the knowledge, benefits and opportunity with essential oils.

It may seem like a lot, but broken down into life areas… not so difficult at all to manage. To start, I ordered a planner/journal from and began working with my trainer to create some workout plans/goals for the year. I have worked with my trainer for specific fitness goals, and while some of the goals listed here seem broad, the detailed SMART goals are written!! Now for this cold to go away so I can get to my running and dog walking goals.

What are your 2015 goals and plans? I’d love to hear them!!


Lifestyle Accountability Podcast

Hello everyone and welcome to 2014! I was fortunate to be interviewed for a Lifestyle Accountability Podcast, and the interview is now live! Check out my show as well as some other great athletes!!


Iron Girl Las Vegas

Awhile back I wrote about the opportunity I was given to compete in the Iron Girl Triathlon at Lake Las Vegas. Well, on October 26th, after months of training and a few mild panic attacks, I became an Iron Girl!IMG_4856

This event was life changing for me. I didn’t realize it when I initially signed up that through the training and the event I would challenge myself daily, learn about my strengths, my perseverance and determination. That in so many ways, big and small, this triathlon would change me.

I started working with my trainer on workouts and adding in the swimming and biking while not losing my running, as I was still working on my goal of 13 half marathons (11 down!!). We increased my strength training, focused on core and upper body to help with the swimming and tackled this head on.

I was never really a swimmer. I could get by, but it was never something I was a fan of, or got excited about. Honestly, the first time I was hopping in the pool to try to do laps, I was terrified, anxious, unsure. But, I did it anyway. I didn’t hate it. My form is still horrible, but, this coming year, I will work on that.

Week by week I improved my swimming, biking and running. I went to the lake and did an open water swim to get a feel for that. I rode my bike more frequently. Physically, I was prepared. Mentally… that varied day to day. Honestly, everyone else’s confidence in me kept me from an all-out panic attack.

Then… race weekend arrived. My friend Karen and I were completing this together, so we shared a hotel room at the resort to make it all a bit easier on us. She picked me up that morning and we played a little tetris to get both our bikes in her car. With that done, we headed out to Lake Las Vegas.


Packet pick-up was super easy and we got some great stuff in our packets!! We then briefly hit the expo and picked up some goodies. All of the volunteers were helpful and cheery. Such positive energy helped ease the nerves a bit. Up next… getting the bikes racked! We checked in to our hotel, grabbed what we needed for the bike racking and headed out.


Our participant bracelets to get us into Athlete only areas


I loved that they had the bike racking set for Friday afternoon. One less thing to stress about, my bike was in its place and ready to go. The volunteers there were again very helpful. When we mentioned it was our first Tri, the lady in our lane gave us some pointers on bike racking, talked to us about ways to quickly find our bikes after the swim and gave us some great encouragement. After that, we went down to check out the water and swim start areas. This was helpful to get a lay of the land for the swim start, where the buoys were, and from there, the path to transition 1.


Karen racking her bike


me testing the COLD water the night before!

Before we knew it, it was race morning!! We were up early to get our transition items in place and try not to panic. I received a few sweet messages from friends as last minute encouragement, and a simple “You’ve Got This” from my trainer. I wrote those words on my arm for the event. We set up our transition points and got marked with our numbers. Then, we headed to the swim start area to wait for it all to begin. We met some great people there, many also doing their first Tri. Thankfully, we also ran in to a great friend of mine and her son who came to cheer us on!


Now… the event itself!!

The swim start was good, every 10 seconds, 5 new swimmers went into the water. The water that morning was 64 degrees. Quite chilly!! All the talk and discussion about the chaos of the swim doesn’t prepare you for it enough. So many people swimming, at different paces and with different strokes, you get kicked, hit, and sometimes swallow water. I honestly just focused on staying calm and swimming. It worked. I made it through the 500 meter swim with no breaks, and no panic attacks. Getting out of the water, I was initially surprised how tired my arms and legs felt, especially as I started the ¼ mile jog to the first transition area. My T1 time was a bit slower than I wanted, but I was struggling to catch my breath, calm down and feel my feet enough to put socks on.

When I initially started the bike (which started with a climb), I struggled to get started. I was rushing, panicked and couldn’t catch my breath. With all that I couldn’t get a good start on the bike. At that moment I stopped, walked my bike for a bit and pulled myself together. After that, I was good to go on the bike. It was a nice steady climb out of the resort area to the main road. It was a nice out and back loop and the officers regulating traffic were great and shouted words of encouragement as we rode by.

My T2 time was great, under 1:30. I chose to wear the same sneakers on the bike and for the run, which helped. I quickly racked my bike, took off my helmet, grabbed a swig of water and my race bib and was off. The run was my time to shine!!! This run started with about a 1 mile climb, but I held steady. In all my training I worked towards an 11:30 min pace, and on race day, had an 11:00 min pace. Running in to the finish, I felt strong.


My finish!


All in all, this was an amazing event! The organization was great. The few snags they hit, they handled quickly and made sure they worked to ensure the safety and well-being of the participants. Every volunteer or Iron Girl representative I interacted with was friendly, encouraging and helpful. The courses were a challenge, but doable. The bling was great!

IMG_4878 IMG_4889

Without a doubt, I would recommend this event to anyone, especially those looking for their first triathlon experience. I will be back next year… and may challenge myself to move from the sprint distance to the Olympic distance!!!


Gift from my running best friend Charlene. To symbolize all the cupcakes we eat post race!


Some expo goodies I purchased!


A new runner girl charm and my TRI charm

Iron Girl and Athleta, thank you for a wonderful event and a life changing first triathlon!!!

Dear October

First, I must apologize to all of you for going MIA lately. I am not going to reveal all the reasons why, it is still personal issues I am dealing with personally. 2013 has been a tough year to date. I am getting stronger and more focused day by day. Know that I have missed you all and am going to ease back in to a stronger blog presence. That said… here is my post to October, enjoy!!

Hey there October… it’s me. The girl who went a little crazy and booked lots of stuff for this month. About that… I’m not really sorry, I’m a little nervous, but not sorry. I am actually very excited to tackle this month of challenges. So, if you could do me a favor and be kind, I would greatly appreciate it.

As you know, 2013 has been a year of challenges and struggles… I need a solid, positive month to help me start the last quarter of this year strong, focused and positive.

So let’s work together on this to guarantee success… this weekend’s brother visit and regatta event will be amazing. Our team is strong and ready for the challenge. Plus, who doesn’t love quality time with the brother?!

I’ve waited all year for Long Beach and to finish the Beach Cities Challenge… so not only do I get to do that this month, I get to finish with a dear friend, side by side. Who can ask for more?

Lastly… I am going to have a strong showing at the Iron Girl. All the training, the panic, the preparation will all pay off. That lake swim, not so scary… that bike ride, doable, that 5k- easy!

So, October, I will do my part in this agreement for an amazing month, you do your’s and together, we will create an October to remember!!

Iron Girl August Recap

I must apologize for being quiet in the Iron Girl training reports through August. Have no fear… the training has been going down!

First, with the help of Franklin at iBodyFit, I have been working on building my strength. He gives me great workouts that are never the same and work my body. I haven’t felt so many sore muscles in forever. It feels great!! We are really focusing on my core and upper body and it shows. Muscles are getting defined and the weight and body fat are dropping.

I’ve added swim/bike brick workouts once a week and bike/run brick workouts as well. I will be adding in another biking day, finally getting a bike to train outdoors on and will be attending an open water swim workout on the 15th!!

I have been a busy bee getting myself in Iron Girl shape and getting excited for this event!!

But… before I become an official triathlete, I will be completing 2, yes 2 half marathons between now and then along with a rowing event.

A huge success for me: I was able to swim 500 meters non-stop in the pool. I know I will not excel at the swimming portion, but am feeling better and better about it as the weeks go on.

I also just completed my first trail half marathon… that report will be coming tomorrow. A true challenge and a humbling experience, but I loved it.

I also met to fellow Iron Girls this weekend which was exciting. I am actually meeting them for the open water swim, did I mention the swim is 2 hours before I need to be at the airport? Nothing says crazy dedicated like heading for a swim, changing in a casino bathroom and heading to the airport for a business trip.

This next week will be a bit more low-key on the training, but, staying focused!!

I am an Iron Girl!! You can be too! Info on how to join me, or find a race near you HERE!


Iron Girl Training Week 2

Another successful week!

Sunday: July 28: I was supposed to head out for a long run Saturday, but thanks to my dog, postponed it a day. I started out later than I wanted, waiting for the hubby to get up and sit with Brinx. So, by the time I headed out, and being totally exhausted, I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been and it was later. The temps weren’t bad but it was humid, and I was in direct sun most of the run. By mile 3.5 I was not feeling well, nauseous and my skin felt tingly. I slowed down, drank some water, but at mile 4, wasn’t feeling better. I turned early to head home and ended the run at mile 4.5. I felt off a good part of the day, so I know I made the right decision.

Monday: July 29: Monday is consistently iBodyFit day, and again, they delivered with an intense workout for New Legs. Lots and lots of side lunges.

Tuesday: July 30: Another swim day!! This week wasn’t as easy, but I still got 15 laps (750 meters) in. Then, I spent about 5 minutes working on my kicks. I am still not comfortable keeping my face in the water, so I need to really focus on this next week versus a certain number of laps.

Wednesday: July 31: This was my most exciting day!! I did a mini-brick workout. My first one! I won’t lie, I was nervous heading in to it, and unsure it would go well. I started with a 1 hour spin class and afterwards, changed into my running sneakers and hit the treadmill. I decided ahead of time to only run for 15 minutes at a slower pace, just to see how my legs felt running after a bike ride. I was able to run 1.5 miles! For the first couple of minutes my legs felt heavy, but overall, they felt great, I could have kept going. I was on a high from this workout the rest of the week!!

Thursday: August 1: Typically, Thursdays are iBodyFit and run days. Early in the afternoon, the winds really picked up, and with all of my eye issues, I am very nervous running in high winds. So, I got my upper body and core workout in and relaxed. Rescheduled the run to Friday!

Friday: August 2: Had a wonderful 4 mile run. I mean wonderful. The entire run felt great, the weather was perfect, my body felt great, my breathing was great, a truly great run.

Saturday: August 3: REST DAY!

Sunday: August 4: Long run day! Another perfect weather day, I headed out for 8 miles. I was much more prepared and the first 4 miles were uphill, but overall, a great run for me. Which then set the tone for a really great day; I went to brunch with my husband, ran a couple errands, than relaxed at home with the dogs and watched football.

Another awesome week of training. I am still amazed at how strong I am becoming and what my body is capable of doing. I love how it surprises me every week. Next up: getting a swim cap… the pool water is not kind to the hair. I thankfully picked up goggles and that made a huge difference.

Iron Girl Training Week 1

Iron Girl Training 7/20-7/27

Well… it wasn’t officially the start of Iron Girl training, but, I got a head start on it all. I must say, I loved week 1 of training! I cannot believe how much stronger I am feeling compared to last year. So… let’s get down to it. What did I accomplish and learn? Well, quite a lot

Saturday: 7/20: Completed a 7 mile trail run with friends. Not the fastest pace, it was super humid in the desert, but the cloud cover kept the sun from becoming an issue. While out there, I chatted with my friend about triathlons. She competes in them regularly, so had some great tips as far as practicing laps, starting early and light with brick workouts, outfits, etc. She is an invaluable resource!!  I tripped over a rock on this run about 4 miles in, scraped up my knee and shin/calf, but was able to finish. It looked worse than it felt. Every time I hit the trails, I love them more. It is such an amazing full body workout

Sunday: 7/21: Not much of anything… ran some errands and enjoyed the day.

Monday: 7/22: An iBodyFit strength workout for 1 hour, a nice combination of upper body and core. Every time I complete my workouts from them, I am AMAZED at my strength!

Tuesday: 7/23: My first time hopping in the pool to swim!! I was nervous, as I cannot remember the last time I swam laps, and know my form isn’t amazing, but, was excited to see where I was at with this training. I decided to swim for 30 minutes. I managed to complete 5 laps (250 meters) without taking a break. Overall, in 30 minutes I completed 15 laps for a total of 750 meters! Tuesdays will be my swim day so the next jump in the pool I will see how many laps I can do without stopping, then practice stroke. I didn’t have goggles for the swim, and that did not feel good in the eyes, so made sure to pick up some goggles!!

Wednesday: 7/24: My favorite SPIN CLASS!! I absolutely love the class (my friend I run with that runs tris, yeah, she teaches this class). Anyway, a great class with hills, sprints, etc. I love that she tries to create the class around how her street rides are. It’s helpful to create that scenario.

Thursday: 7/25: A short 3 mile run in the neighborhood to work on form and breathing. I did my normal 3 mile loop and overall, this was uneventful. A good run and working on my form and breathing was good. Also completed my second iBodyFit strength workout of the week: Bis, Tris and Core. Ow… but a good workout!

Friday: 7/26: My official REST DAY!! I had a great evening with my husband and dogs and even enjoyed some pizza!

Saturday: 7/27: Well, this was supposed to be a long run with my friend, but late Friday night we realized my one dog wasn’t walking right and was in pain. I canceled on the run (and moved it to Sunday) to get my dog to the vet first thing in the morning (he’s okay, slipped a disc in his back) and later in the evening did a short yoga routine to calm my anxiety and get some sleep.

Overall, a pretty solid week of training. I loved EVERY moment of it and look forward to week 2!!

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