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Spartan Race Championships and Giveaway!

Hello Spartan Warriors!!!! I am sure you already know, but here to remind you of something BIG in Spartan Land happening THIS SATURDAY!!!


NBC Sports will be airing the World Champion Spartan Race for all to watch in awe as the warriors conquer the obstacles and course on December 7th, from 4:00-5:00 PM. Stay tuned to watch the warriors at their finest moments. Experience the strength, joy and commitment these warriors have!

As an added bonus, I have another Spartan Race giveaway!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And, as always, a 15% discount code for any upcoming Spartan Race in the Continental U.S. I’ll be at the Vegas one this April… who is going to join me??

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Dirty Girl Mud Run Event Recap

This past weekend, myself and two friends embarked on the journey of the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Las Vegas, NV. I was very excited to do this one because I LOVE mud runs and obstacle courses. I was contacted by Dirty Girl Mud Run and asked to do some promoting of the event online prior to the event as well as brief interview with Fox 5 Vegas. From the start, a great company to work with.

My friends and I decided to dress up in 80’s fashions and our team name was “Dirty Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.  After my work presentation that morning, we all met up and headed out. We were very excited for this adventure!!


It was a super windy day in Las Vegas, noted by signs down for the event and tents trying to blow away. This also caused some dusty conditions and when we started, we were told to proceed with caution. So… off we went!! Our first obstacle seemed easy enough, an inflatable staircase! Okay, seriously, who doesn’t love the idea of adult bouncy houses? This was a lot like that, and so much fun to climb and bounce on!! I want one in my backyard, seriously (although the dogs would hate it).


Then we trekked through a couple different mud obstacles. Some we had to crawl through, crawl under nets and around inflatable tubes in them. When one friend attempted her best to stay clean, we made sure to hug her with all of our mud! Hello… it is the MUD run!!



We then climbed a wall:


Traversed through some bungee cords… not sure why, but seriously struggled lifting my legs in this one… kept getting tangled, lol. It made for fun and giggles for sure!!


We then climbed another wall with the help of ropes, swam in the mud tank… it was SO cold in there!! Then… we saw it, the finish line! However, we still had a few more obstacles to get through first…




A net cargo climb, an inflatable tire jump thing (it was like an air mattress with holes in it to jump into). Easier said than done… then finally… the end!! ANOTHER giant inflatable obstacle! Climb up one side, then go down the slide into the final mud pit!! Then, we posed for pics with our muddy selves, cleaned up and did some souvenir shopping.




t-shirt given with registration



Awesome green jacket I purchased!

All in all, this was a very fun event. I loved that it was Women Only, I feel that helped get some women out there that may be intimidated at other events to participate, there was no timing, so it really was all about getting your friends together and having fun along the way. We laughed, threw some mud, tripped, and laughed some more. Another bonus: a portion of the proceeds goes to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation, helping fund research to end breast cancer.

My Awesome Wednesday

Wednesday started out as a normal day, actually, a little early so I could pick up my coworker down from Reno for a day of research interviews to be followed by a Komen Race meeting. Then, I checked my email which started the great day.


I received an email from Laura at Girls Gone Sporty that my photos I submitted for an article on for yoga and cardiac health were used!! Check out my photos and the great article on how yoga helps your heart here.

Then, that morning, an interview I did with my friend Kristin on the Dirty Girl Mud Run was on the local news! We will be running the event this Saturday in Las Vegas. Check back for photos and a recap of the event!!

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

So it wasn’t even lunch time and two great moments of me with the media. So, had a great day at work, a great meeting (I didn’t mess up my speech) and came home to relax for a bit before bed. I was perusing Facebook and saw that I made the cut to have my name on the newest shirt for The Marathon Show (my name will be on the back near the bottom).

So thank you universe for a wonderful and awesome Wednesday!!

Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run

Now you all know my love of Mud Run Events. Last year I completed the Devil Dash and Warrior Dash and look forward to completing several this year as well. There is nothing like fun and fitness combined! To hang out with friends conquering obstacles and a few fears while playing in mud… is an adventure that will give you lasting memories and good laughs. As well as a sense of accomplishment!

I am honored to be part of Team Pretty Muddy this year! As Pretty Muddy enters their second year they have learned and made wonderful improvements and are adding new locations around the country! As a way to say thank you and encourage some quality girl mud time (hey… mud is good for your skin!) Pretty Muddy is offering a great discount that expires on January 31st! This is the lowest price of the year, so if you are interested, now is the time!! Check out the dates and locations below:


2013 Pretty Muddy Events

Dallas, TX – June 1

Sacramento, CA – June 29

Chicago, IL – September 7

Columbus, OH- September 14

Richmond, VA – September 28

Atlanta, GA – October 12

Tampa, FL – November 30

Miami, FL – December 7

Do you want to get Pretty Muddy? If you register before January 31 for any of these events use the code GIRLTIME to get a $20 discount! This is going to be the absolute lowest price of the season! Here is how to register using the code:

1. Click on the location you want to register for

2. Click register

3. Click on the pink words that say “enter promotional code”

4. Type in GIRLTIME (all one word) and hit apply

5. The new pricing will pop up, so enter the quantity you want and Register!!

Lastly… have fun, and get muddy!!