Adventures in Fitness Classes: PiYo Strength

Recently I joined the gym again. Despite my efforts to work out at home, my couch continuously sucked me in, well, the couch and the chance to snuggle with the cutest dog ever!

So… knowing that in order to drop a few more pounds and get stronger I needed to include strength training, I joined a gym a friend of mine went to. I have an absolute fear of gym contracts after once getting screwed trying to cancel one. I had moved across the country, and they still fought me on canceling. So… I found a non-contract option, this made me happy. Long story short, I am now a member of 24 Hour Fitness in Las Vegas, NV. I get to go to any of their locations, so depending on where I am with work or home I can get to a gym. So far, I have enjoyed my experiences there, especially the ability to take even more yoga classes.
Last week my friend Kristin thought we should try this class PiYo Strength. I had never heard of it before, so, I was in. Unfortunately, that day it was switched to Power Yoga due to not having an instructor. Last night however, we finally got to experience PiYo Strength.
According to their website, PiYo Strength is:
Developed by Powder Blue Productions, Creators of Turbo Kick® and Hip Hop HUSTLE™, PiYo™ does all of that and more. This class is for those who color outside of the lines!
It’s the perfect fusion equaling strength building, rhythmic movement and power with a foundation in Pilates and yoga that burns calories while transforming the body.
It includes modifications so everyone can participate, yet offers progressions to challenge the more advanced, either way, you’ll get results.
I will agree, it is definitely a fusion of things. It confused my muscles from the traditional weights routines and running. It challenged my balance. (Seriously, years of yoga and I still can’t balance to save my life…) It also made me sweat. It kept us moving from the initial warm-ups, with a variety of yoga poses, squats and lunges, and other moves we have all done. It was different and fun. Of course, it always helps to have a friend with you as you torture yourself try a new exercise class.
We left the gym fully expecting to not be able to move today… I will be honest, my hips and legs were beat after that class. I was surprised I woke up not in pain. (I credit my other workouts and current love affair with the foam roller for this) And, at 7:30 this morning I got a text from Kristin that she was surprisingly not sore. We are dreading the day 2 soreness that may come tomorrow… but for now, I am happy.
Will I try this again… absolutely. We are set to go next Monday. As long as the routines change some so that I don’t get bored (my biggest fitness weakness is my ability to get bored quickly) I will keep this in my fitness routine. It’s a nice change of pace from the standard weight lifting. If you haven’t tried it and are able to find a class in your area, give it a shot! And definitely keep an open mind!