Week 3 Update: Hitting the Restart Button

Hello everyone! Another week has gone by, and it’s time for an update on the 90 Day Contract.

I did very well on exercise this week. I ran 7 miles on Sunday, had row practice on Monday, then… things got crazy for my week. I was already out of the office all week doing research, so that adds a little crazy. Then, my uncle came to town and obviously wanted to meet up. I had planned to sneak in a run Tuesday evening before having dinner with a friend and doing my normal spin class Wednesday night. Well, my friend canceled, and my uncle could get together for dinner Wednesday with his conference schedule. Rather than saying screw it like I normally would… I did some thinking and rearranging. I made it happen. I found a spin class Tuesday night, so headed to that right from work. Got up early Wednesday morning and got my 3 mile run in. Rather than 2 days of nothing, I had 2 days of exercise. BAM! Thursday remained my day off with work and school. Friday I called for date night and went out for some much needed fun with my hubby. We went to the DaVinci exhibit at the Venetian… thanks to Groupon, we got discounted tickets, free photos (1 ea) and drink coupons for the Bourbon Room. Apparently this is a bar modeled after the movie Rock of Ages… a nice time warp back to 80’s hairband days. So, anyway… no exercise Friday.

This is us, painting the Mona Lisa. He looks thrilled to be having a tourist moment…..

Then… Saturday, Kristin and I started our endeavor into Double Header Saturdays: 8 am spin, 9 am yoga. Followed by breakfast. It was a blast! I ran this AM too, 5.75 miles.

Eating went well overall. Friday was my off day, I had pizza, some drinks… but other than that, I stuck within my calorie budget and healthy. Even with being on the road. It was great to know that with a hectic schedule that usually deters me, I was able to persevere and stay on track.

Which… is interesting, because, my weight did go up a bit…. but, body fat percentage and measurements all dropped. So, all in all, I am losing the fat… and that is what matters.

Here’s this week’s measurements:

Weight: 179.8 (+1.8)
Body Fat: 37.8% (-0.5%)
BMI: 29.5 (+0.2)
Chest: 37.75 (-1)
Waist: 34.5 (-1)
Hips: 43 (-0.75)
Thigh: 25.75 (-0.25)
Bicep: 11.9 (-0.10)

So…. overall, I feel I am on track. Will have to increase my strength training. I am looking for a few workouts that involve my body as the resistance vs. lifting weights (yawn….). This week will be a challenge: Monday, I travel to Reno for the day, 6am flight out, get back at 5pm. Tuesday, AM eye test appt,  work, dinner with a friend and spin class.  Wed, AM run, work, Komen meeting. Thursday… work, class. Saturday: spin, Komen event, local event Bite of LV…. whew. I am tired just typing it all!!

How are you all doing with staying fit and motivated?