Weekend Recap

Well, it was  a great weekend so far, and thankfully, I have off tomorrow to do that not so fun stuff like cleaning and laundry.  Yesterday was date day with the hubby.  Our goal is to have two date days a month, more if we can.  So this weekend was active date.  I know he had a great time, but, am sure the idea of hiking wasn’t top on his list.  Since we had plans for dinner at night we ventured to Red Rock Canyon with the dogs, to get them out and moving.  To say they loved it is an understatement!!

Mia, so happy she’s smiling!

….and Brinx loving life.  We hiked them 2 1/2 miles through sand and rocks.  It was really a great time, and they were loved by everyone!  We even got them to sit still for a family photo!

Then, it was time for dinner… we went to Marinelli’s at the M.  I had amazing pumpkin squash ravioli in a brown butter sage sauce.  I have now harassed my brother into giving me a recipe to make this brown butter sauce.  (The brother is a chef)  Apparently, it’s not difficult, we will try it this week.

Today, I set out for a long run, hoping to do 8-10.  Overall I felt great on the run, my legs were strong, my breathing was good…. even with head winds I swear in EVERY direction I ran.  I ended up doing 10 miles, and between miles 8-9 I struggled, but got through it, and finished strong.  My goal for the next half was to run at an 11:30 pace (I’m a slower runner) for the first 10, and 11 min for the last 3.  So, today’s run, my pace was 11 min.  Guess I have to think this over…. maybe I can do a better pace.  I need to figure out in the next few weeks if I should stick with the plan, or try to do an 11 min and speed up to a 10:30…. decisions decisions.

I did realize in today’s run that running into the guard pole in front of target that is mid-thigh height, was not a smart thing to do.  BTW, I trip standing still.  How as a runner and yogi I still have no balance is beyond me, but, really, I have not.  As the yoga teacher says when we do tree pose, “for some, it’s a windy day”.  Anyway, I felt it instantly when I ran into the pole yesterday, and hoped it was better.  But that aggravating knot pain hung out the entire 10 miles.  Grr.

Based on conversations and recommendations, I am investing in a foam roller this week.  Have any of you used one?

My goal this week, is about 18 miles running, yoga 2x, and strength training 2-3 times.  Not too bad I guess.  My food goal, trying to be a pesce-vegetarian for the week.  I am pretty confident I can do this, but not sure how the no cheese thing will go…. maybe I should just give up beef, pork, etc… and stick with fish and on the rare occasion, chicken.  We’ll see how the week goes.  If anyone has any vegetarian or fish recipes, please send them my way!!