Weekly Wrap-Up

Well… I have been a blogging slacker. My deepest apologies!!

This is a quick blog to update you on how my week was last week… because, as always, it was eventful!!

First off, on Monday, the official announcement was made that I will be joining forces with Charlene R of Running with Charlene to work with FAB Running to host a Virtual Run!  I am beyond excited to work on this project. Charlene is an amazing inspiration, a strong runner, and great friend. To be able to host an event that people from all over can participate in is such a great feeling!!

Second… I am surviving speed workouts. Seriously, some days I am unsure I will, but, I do, and I feel stronger!!

Third… I joined the gym (again). Although I am building a home gym piece by piece, I will be honest, the couch has this weird ability to suck me in and not let me move… so, I am doing my workouts at the gym, and, last week, did 3 yep, 3 double workout days!

Fourth… as some of you know, I am planning on receiving my run coaching certification. This past weekend I offered to pace a friend for a race. She had been struggling with running, so I wanted to run this one with her, to help her defeat her negative brain and realize how strong she is… I had a wonderful time doing it, and, definitely feel that coaching is a good choice for me. Her blog on Run with K sums up that race pretty well! 

Up next… my fabulous and amazing 37th year!! On Friday, I turn 38. This past year has been AMAZING! One of the best personally, professionally and with my health, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!!