What’s in a number? What’s so special about 13?

Well… everything!!

As promised… here are my 2013 RUN GOALS. All other goals will be listed in a separate blog. But my 2013 run plans are epic, and deserve their own blog.

So what is all this talk about numbers and 13? Well….

1. Next year is 2013
2. I turn 39 (shocker I know) which is 3 x 13
3. My favorite race distance is a half marathon: 13.1 miles

What does all this mean you ask? Well… my 2013 run goals are….

13~ 13.1 races in 2013!!!!

You read that right! I am committing to running 13 half marathons in 2013, the year I turn 3×13(39).

Here is my tentative list:
January: Running From an Angel Half Marathon***
February: Surf City Half Marathon*
March: Six Tunnels Half Marathon
April: Hollywood Half Marathon
May: Orange County Half Marathon*
June: San Francisco 1st Half Half Marathon**
July: Bryce Canyon Half Marathon
August: ET Half Marathon***
September: Twilight Half Marathon***
October: Long Beach Half Marathon*
November: Veteran’s Day Half Marathon
                   Philadelphia Half Marathon
December: Hoover Dam Half Marathon***

*Completing these three will also give me the Beach Cities Challenge Medal
**Completing this, after completing 2nd Half last year will give me a progressive medal
***Completing these four will also give me the Calico Slam

So… a little crazy, but, I am confident that I can do this both mentally and physically. I am choosing to not set any weight related goals this year, so that I don’t worry about that, but focus on my physical health to be able to complete this challenge.

Also, I am most likely not setting any time goals on these races, I would like my time to get close to 2 hours, but, my goal is to train wisely and complete these races healthy and happy.

Any support, words of wisdom and ongoing encouragement will be welcomed! Here is to making 13 my lucky number!!

Why this is important: I completed 5 so far in 2012, one more scheduled for Dec. 15th. This summer I hit a huge running funk. For awhile, running wasn’t fun and I wasn’t sure why I bothered, but still drug myself out there hoping my love for it would return. One day, it did. I usually set mediocre goals for myself, nothing too far out of reach. This is big for me. To some people, this is a drop in the bucket, but to commit to this, and so publicly, is big…. this is a challenge for me, and I look forward to conquering it, for me, to prove to myself that I can do this. 

PS: this list does not include any shorter distance races, obstacle races or bike races. Those will happen, and I’ll determine them as the year goes on…