Wk 4 Update: Hitting the Restart Button

Sorry I am a little late on this update. To say last week was hectic, would be an understatement. It was a stressful week for me, and well, I struggled with my goals. Big time.

A general review of my week: I had a day of travel Monday, consisting of 14+ hours away from the house, dr appts Tuesday, and a less than stellar day at work. Wednesday was an okay day, but had a meeting for my volunteer work and did school work, Thursday is always hectic with class and group projects. I was home sick Friday with a migraine. As you saw, Tuesday I at least got to spend time with a good friend enjoying wine and pasta! YAY!!

 (this stuff was pretty tasty for a red blend)

I worked out once. Once. Not that I didn’t think about it, but most of the week, it took all the energy I had to stay upright, let alone be physically active. I probably could have gone after work Tuesday, but after the day I had even outside of work (horrible customer service at Dr and bank), I was afraid I would hurt someone or myself if I went near the general public. Yes, it was that kind of day.I did walk the dogs a few days, but I don’t count that in my exercise totals.

So, the workout I had, was Saturday morning when I went to spin class. To punish myself  make up for not working out, I set the resistance high, stayed out of the saddle often, and really pushed myself. To make matters worse, constantly being on the go, I struggled to track what I was eating. I kept myself in check, not pigging out, not eating unhealthy foods… but wasn’t really sure where my calorie intake was each day. That also stressed me out.

I thought I was pretty good at handling stress… but this week was a real challenge for me. I didn’t eat the best, didn’t really measure portions, ate out often due to travel and meetings, and didn’t get my exercise in. Literally, by Friday I felt like I really let myself down on my goals. Although I didn’t appreciate the headache, Friday was helpful for me (well, other than biostatistics homework). We sent the dogs to the vet for grooming and vaccines, and I relaxed, tortured my head with stats, and relaxed. We then got the dogs, and had a quiet evening in. I felt more rested and together. I didn’t go for a run, a walk, or to the gym. Could I have, yes. But, I needed to just sit still and let my body recover and let my mind heal. I really did a number on myself mentally when I wasn’t exercising, my stress level was through the roof, and I wasn’t eating the way I normally do. I had to apologize to myself for the negative talk and re-motivate myself to keep going.

I did have a fun weekend, attended the Susan G. Komen of Southern NV Survivor Luncheon and Fashion Show, then Bite of LV (Matchbox Twenty is still good), and lounged with the dogs ALL day Sunday, then went to see my brother when he got in to town and had some martinis and laughter. Perfect! However… the late night didn’t help my start of this week. Monday, I was just tired all day, so finished a paper for class. Tonight… going to see Wicked! and then, I promise, back on the exercise path! Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. I promise!!!!

My measurements…. well, that is the not bad news! I maintained. I am not going to write them all out, but everything, EVERYTHING stayed the same. Whew!! At least I didn’t go in reverse there!! What I need to do, is have a better plan of attack for when week’s like this happen. Because they will. I am stronger and better than a bad week. So, here is this week’s goals:
Run Wed AM, Spin Wed PM, Thurs: Spin, Yoga, Fri: Run, Core, Yoga. Sat: breast cancer walk, a workout later, Sunday: a long run.

Until next time…. keep smiling!