A Huge Accomplishment

So, awhile back I decided to finally suck it up and get serious about weight training. The last time I lost weight, I was doing a pretty steady weights routine. Then I got bored and stopped. I stuck mainly with running and was happy. Then I added spin class. Then, I stopped watching what I ate… and well, we know where that leads.

A little while ago I did a review of iBodyFit and fell in love with it. I also really loved Franklin’s approach. After the review, I went back to my status quo… go figure. Then, one day, I said, enough is enough and emailed him.

After talking with him I decided to sign up for the online personal training. We discussed my goals long term and set some great short term goals. Then, we got started. I won’t lie, I almost cried during the first workout… it was intense, but I refused to quit. (this may one day be my undoing). When I was approached about competing in the Iron Girl, he was a great voice of reason and willing to tweak (again) my training plan so that I could do it.

I absolutely love that he took all my already lofty goals and created a plan that worked with them without me overtraining. Every workout is different and challenging in it’s own way. I am slowly starting to see some biceps peek out and feeling stronger. Shh, don’t tell him, but I actually look forward to the workouts!!

Anyway… my accomplishment… one of my goals was to complete all scheduled workouts. As of TODAY I completed 30 days of not bailing on a workout! Progress!!

I am so happy I made this decision… stay tuned and watch as my awesome transformation takes place!!

*Although this is a review (of sorts) of iBodyFit.com, I was not compensated in any way for this review, just sharing my experiences with a service purchased.