Adventures in Fitness Classes: PiYo Strength

Adventures in Fitness Classes: PiYo Strength

Recently I joined the gym again. Despite my efforts to work out at home, my couch continuously sucked me in, well, the couch and the chance to snuggle with the cutest dog ever! So… knowing that in order to drop a few more pounds and get stronger I needed to include strength training, I joined(…)

June 6, 2012 Pace Per Mile Report

Hello! This is the Pace Per Mile Report for Southern Nevada for the weekend of June 9-10, 2012. This weekend brings races of varying lengths, a 5k, 6k, 2 miler and half marathon!! Team in Training 5k/1mi: This event is held Saturday June 9th, starting at 7:00 am at Kellogg Zaher Park in Las Vegas.(…)

Weekly Wrap-Up

Well… I have been a blogging slacker. My deepest apologies!! This is a quick blog to update you on how my week was last week… because, as always, it was eventful!! First off, on Monday, the official announcement was made that I will be joining forces with Charlene R of Running with Charlene to work(…)

Wright Sock Running II Socks Review

Do your feet get blisters at the thought of a run? Do long runs or hot weather cause an increase in blisters? If so, you MUST check out Wright Socks!! According to their website, “WRIGHTSOCK™ Double Layer construction coupled with the most technically advanced fibers, delivers the blister protection that you need. WRIGHTSOCK™ Double(…)

June 2-3 Pace Per Mile Race Report

Las Vegas/Southern Nevada Race Report:In this week’s Las Vegas and Southern NV Race Report I feature races for June 2-3: 6/2/12:Terminal 3 Races, Las Vegas, NV:Benefiting At-Risk Youth of Clark County, this race is held to open the new Terminal 3 at McCarran International Airport and is run on the roadway system of Terminal 3.(…)

Hey Running Mojo, where’d ya go?!

Well, I am sure you have all figured it out, as I have gotten a little quiet on here and twitter. Recently, I feel as if I lost my running mojo. I still love running, just struggle to get myself out there to do it. I still make speed workouts every week, but, in general,(…)

May 15 Pace Per Mile Report

Las Vegas/Southern Nevada Race Report:In this week’s Las Vegas and Southern NV Race Report I feature the end of May races: 5/19/12:Runnin’ For The House 5k and 1 miler, Las Vegas, NV:Benefiting Ronald McDonald House of Las Vegas this event features a timed and untimed 5k and 1 mile walk followed by a pancake breakfast,(…)

Me? Motivating and Inspiring?!

Lately, I have really been reminded of how fluid life and relationships are. My journey, if we want to call it that, started a little over 1 year ago. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, to use a very common phrase. I chose to start a Couch to 5k program and(…)

Product Review: NeoCell Collagen Sport Protein Powder

When I began increasing my training and workouts to improve my fitness levels and running, I was struggling to properly recover nutritionally after tough workouts. I would eat some foods with protein in them, but never really had a strong focus on recovery. The more I read about its importance, the more I tried to(…)

A Weekend of Inspiration

A Weekend of Inspiration

For the past two years, since our local affiliate added a social media committee, my friend Karen and I have been the social media co-chairs for the Komen Southern Nevada Race for the Cure. I actually started volunteering for them when I first moved to Las Vegas. I wasn’t working, and needed to do something(…)